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Yenson Jul 19
Emoji crowds
emoji brains from state welfare
they think and write in emojis
no critical faculties to discern or reason
with the attention span of ants they see the world in emoji
laughable semi-illiterates trashed un education
by asians and foreigners who fill all the unis
and now take all the top posts
earning mega salaries
while our dunces play computers games and think and write
and the dweebs think others are like them
mass produced cannon fodders
relevant in their irrelevances
sound bites and emojis drunkards
planting stupidity
does anybody remembers 'Planters Nuts' yes, off course the're nuts
Yenson Jul 19
Group think in unison disarray
morons looking for Camelot in mob's dive
we spoil for mind war but pray lend us our minds
in cloudy storms of magical red rains our brains were washed
to pristine white

Our masters tell us
its a remote affair so show us the moat
we will swim float and jump
masters says its a revolution
we are revved up but spare us the elocution

Some are saying this is mindless but we could not care less
though those wenches were careless
when they stole from the Moor
who was not from the moors in North York

A bright spark said its a vendetta of thieves
they cut of his tongue and said his brains had not
been washed proper
that he was calling a ***** a *****
yet the masters had taken our pitchforks and cudgels away
them dumb masters keeps on saying remote remote
and then control, control, then, power, power

now if you ask me fellow hicks in unison
this really is no time for **** roll
neither is it a time to go to the moat, what's it with this re moat
then they say its tower, tower
in Cromwells' name
are we being told to go via the moat for a **** roll in the tower
don't blame me they washed my brains a while ago.....
SATIRE.....What's wrong with you, have you lost your sense of humour, When asinine s say they are doing heads in, does that not make you roll on the floor in helpless mirth. Lighten up man, this is serious stuff we're talking about. Though I find it all incredibly hilarious,  people hang themselves when they are given this treatment, this is heavy stuff I have you know!
Yenson May 2019
Look at Prince Charles' profile
see the high forehead and receding baldness
the jutting nose, a  strong noble Grecian look
take a look at Prince William, same features
his is even more defined
so our plebs on the Clapham omnibus
declares quite seriously that
these lovely royal profiles resembles a horse
neigh, neigh do not scold the plebs
they see only what the lower plebs brains sees
and perhaps
because Royals have a strong historical link with Horses
a royal maiden had at one time taken a horse to bed
Come to think of it, Catherine The Great
Empress of Russia
reportedly did take a horse for a bit of jiggery porky
so maybe there's  a bit of equine bloodline in all royal lineages
after-all the horse is considered a handsome proud and noble beast
So I embrace my horse ancestry and can also confirm
that I am packed as a horse in the lower region as well....
Any clean and disease-free female wanting a ride is welcomed
please contact me at Buck house and bring a big hat along
NO, not for my silly twit......
I really must stop laughing at all these absurdities, but I can't. every day there's some nonsensical developments, statements, act or omission that leaves me breathless from laughing so much, its quite a job keeping a straight face when outdoor, never knew there are so many certifiable nutcases around, it must be something in the water...
Cana Mar 2018
At one point in time
When all is said and done
The only things that remain
Are the ashes of good intentions

It is a general rule that
People maintain an underlying
Need for gratification
A facade of “I don’t”

No ***** given

This is false
We’re all liars inside
To your friends, families

To look in the mirror
Whether model or mould
Is a painful reminder
Of this stark reality.
Writing in this state of mind is a dangerous thing. And doesn’t make sense. Don’t misbehave and write people :D
Natalie Feb 2018
I can taste him in certain air pressures
I can see him through the fog
When it gets too dense, I feel his hands around my neck again

And God, does it feel amazing
How he takes my breath away
tamia Oct 2015
my mind is a painter, thinking of colors in the form of stories and scenes
thinking about the brightest of city lights  
streets teeming with foreign language
people passing by with stories i'll never know
silent seas along the coastlines
mountains towering above us, old and wise
cabins in the forest with little firesides  
trains full of strangers to fall in love with
airports with people, greetings and goodbyes
postcard-perfect towns and friendly rivers
neighborhoods showered with pretty autumn leaves...

these are the stories painted in my head, the stories i'd love to paint with my own hands.
the places i'd love to see when i'm alone in my bedroom, the stories i want to see for myself.
and sometimes, i fear i'll never reach these works of art,
but with a brush and some paint, what's impossible?
febrilsk stilhed
     te og treoer

i skole og
fremlæggelser med 38 i feber, stoffet
     der     omringer    min krop gør ondt

en syg pige,
et sygt samfund,
et sygt uddannelsessystem som konsekvens

giv mig bare fuld narkose,
eller et koma? kunne det ikke gavne lidt

med at slappe af, koble fra

fatal uvidenhed; dørene lukker
giver stress over de fremadrettede adgangskrav

slider sig selv ned i et desperat forsøg på
at overleve,      at drømme

og øv
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