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Tara Marie Sep 2022
I’m navigating a field of dark something-ness
Sitting quiet in morning air

In these cavities where my soul perceives life, I seek a heightened energy

Laying hidden behind wrinkled skin
tucked tightly into two beds of compact tissue
in this moment they rest purposefully as if sitting behind window curtains

They serve a common purpose when prompted,
To identify objects in this limiting dimensional plane.

Some days when I come here, I wander aimlessly across battle-torn countries of thought
It is essential to let the river take them
Watching them pass as an observer instead of the instigator
Feeling the depth of their sting grow distant

Sinking deeply into the dimension where we live beyond bodies

Where I am a bee pollinating the flower
I am the bird calling out in a resounding plea
I am the wind pushing through bamboo forests

Until breath inhaling and collapsing my cadaver becomes less of a grounding cord
And the mat placed beneath with intention is no longer a chain to the ground

There is now no face to inhabit,
The world; a faint memory of molding

Here the wind isn’t quite invisible
Temperature is not affected by her power
Bearing colors, intentions and tranquility

I let her carry me up and away
The cool plush ****
of succulent grass
whispering against
bare ankles.  

The verdant smell
of rain pelting
the crusty earth,
loamy fresh.

The piercing tingle
of noon sunshine
on the bald orb
of the shoulder.

The comforting touch
the warm embrace
that soothes  
the aching heart.

The energizing aroma
of coffee burbling
brews hope
and inspiration.

My filter, clear and bright
illuminates the night
in waves of bliss

Anchored by the senses
I remember
what brings me
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2022
Those who spend
More time
In silence

Will hear
A voice
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Make sense
clmathew Sep 2021
My body mine
written August 13th, 2021

I stand in the shower feeling
my hands on my body
the water on my hands
me in my body mine

my mind flies away
as it is so practiced in doing
1 time, 2 times, 26 times
I gently return

my mind back to my body
my body back to my hands
my hands back to the water
my presence back into my body

27 times and 28 times
until one day
however many times it takes
124 times or 1,238 times

I can stay here
with this body
that is
my body mine.
Thank you TK for helping me to enjoy thinking about this, for making it not seem like such a horrible task.

Writing, never feels finished, like I said in another poem about writing these poems. Eventually I just hit post, and try to let it be enough. Maybe I'll revise some of these in the future? Or maybe not. Thank you for reading me.
Ellen F D Aug 2021
Echos through the city
Filling it with a roar

Crashing through walls
Rumbling through windows
Cutting through the air

It calms me
Soothes me
Grounds me

It’s awesome power
That’s paradoxically silent
Stands still and tall

It’s subtle vibration
That’s gently rough
Flows far and wide

It’s dark melody  
That’s unforgettably ominous
Sings through the atmosphere

It’s charged.


Merely a bubble of excited particles

Bouncing off one another in glee


It’s slow…

…It’s beautiful.

From such chaos comes so much beauty, so much feeling, so much sound

From such chaos, comes so much life

Here I rest

And here I’m calm

Here, I am safe
Had some wicked thunder storms round my parts lately
Descovia Jul 2021
Her heart is endless, infinite.

Her love is deep like the ocean.

Her love is like a magical potion

Rituals in transition

Illuminating lights in motion

The sparkle in her eyes captivating

The joys she creates to enjoy the world are fascinating.

Her laugh? Contagious
Her smile? Breathtaking
the melody of her voice surrounding my entire being
I found my light, so long after being imprisoned by my shadow for so long.

I want nothing more, than to be tangled in her embrace.

Entwined to her eternal grace

Held captive in her soul
drowning in her ambiance

Your love is life!

I will cherish and protect it with my very own.

For now and forever more!

*Elizabeth Outlaw & Descovia
clmathew Jul 2021
Koan me
July 24th, 2021

Who is writing this?

I am.


Who wrote that?

I did.
Shortest poem ever! Is it even a poem? Something I think about. Very grounding actually. It's just that complicated, and that simple.
Lunar Jun 2021
I didn’t plan it
Still a thought emerged
The seas opened
And the skies roared
The ship rocked
And an island emerged
An invite was extended
Making acceptance more tempting
Wonder if you would be mad
Confused, angry or sad
Impulsive it may be
But chronic it always was
Sometimes it’s probably easier to give in
A painless route, an undemanding path
Just need to turn the steering wheel fast  
Yet, I want a link to you
You are my invisible life vest
My anchor when the sea is violent
However, I fear that one day I’ll break free
I dread one day I’ll leave you behind and
I guess that’s what’s makes it interesting.
I'm anxious of my will to escape
My temptation to run far far away
I guess I'll just hold on tight for now
And pray for a silver lining to make its way somehow
“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!”
― J.M. Barrie
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