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Viji Vishwanath Nov 2019
Keep neat, all around
Make green, all the side

Green green, all the way
Make good, all the day

Breath fresh, everywhere
So good, our atmosphere

Green green, all the way
Be healthy, all the day.....
Make green all around
Pratyush Jul 2019
Khubsurat sa desh tha pehle hamara,
Khub tareef karta tha yeh zamana,
Baat thi kuch uss desh meh nirali,
Kyuki Charo aur thi bas hariyali,
Badal chuki hai mere desh ki laali,
Tut chuki hai bhaichare ki daali,
Apne de rahe hai ek doosre ko gaali,
Aaj koi saath nahi manata holi ya diwali,
Kaha gayi mere desh ki voh hariyali,
Bandha hua hai desh dhaago se kaali,
Kaat dena hai voh dhage hume saari,
Banate hai desh ko jaise ek madhur kawaali,
Vapas aayegi mere desh meh voh laali,
Tareef karegi hamare desh ki duniya saari,
Saath milkar raho mere desh vaasi,
Door rahehi bhedbhav ki voh saaya kaali.
Jithin manoj Jun 2019
A thousand years back in time,
It was greener than ever.
A legion of evergreen trees
and outgrown ting bushes.
A family of chirruping birds
to violent hungry beasts.
All in serenity as in home.

It was never uncanny
But it is now.

At present it is
only a land in dreams.
No less than hell it is
A place devoid of peace
with dead trees in piece.
A land of ever lost hope
as all animal lost their home.

In future darker it would be
and who did this - We!
It's time to choose - redeem or repent.
Salmabanu Hatim May 2019
Kindness is free,
Smiles are contagious,
Hugs are plentiful,
Happiness is when you learn to give and forgive,
What are you waiting for ? Scatter your good deeds everywhere like raindrops,
Bring greenery in others life garden.
Abby M Mar 2019
I am a garden just waiting to let spring in
I stand frozen now with wind blown tufts in the air
Nothing but a blankness, as suits the harsher months
I wait for the signal to unclasp my sprigs
To make known my blooming blush
To let down my head of greenery
And fill the empty space where I have slumbered
I'll wrap you in blue
Draw silver to your design
Among crystal lines
In divine lights.
My love is red
Alive in wine.
Red in blue
Soft on skin
Standing in green.
My love is red
The most I've gained
Inspite of all the weights.
Stripes imperfect
Heavy in all shades.
Jo Barber May 2018
Her thoughts
grow like weeds
through swaying reeds.

In her head
exists a garden
as bright and as varied
as the tulips of Amsterdam.
Each canal lined with bikes,
the water flowing from one to the next.

If not careful, though,
that mind will overflow,
overgrow with the seeds
of past ill deeds.

She sits still now,
thumbing through her prayer beads,
pleading for the protection
of some modern-day Diomedes.
Thoughts? It's still a work in process.
Supriya Hegde Nov 2015
Beyond the pure curtain of mist,
At a distance stood the lofty hill,
Somewhere in between - she does exist,
Changing course of climate at her will;

On every leaf, a raindrop danced,
Nature sat like a fairy's child,
At all the greenery, she glanced,
Her tune - a perfect rhythm and mild;

Then, she stood with open arms,
To embrace the first unceasing rain,
As though the rains were charms,
Her eyes were bright without pain;

The melody echoed in the meadows,
In the bushes little flowers bloomed,
Little creatures stayed in the shadows,
And in the shimmering moonlight she loomed;

Raindrops lost to the vast sea,
The waves splashed onto the shore,
She gave in to the plea,
A gown of blue and green she wore;
Devashish Kumar Apr 2015
What if I tell you that
This world is going to end
And that end is not too far,
You probably won’t believe me.
Allow me to take you to a journey
A journey to the end of the world.
A world without a hint of greenery.
A world with all sorts of armaments but no food and water.
A world congested with people.
A world infected with diseases.
A hot world on the verge of a cold war.
A world with numerous machines but no fuel to run.
A world with no shred of humanity.
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