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The light,
It caves into me.

Chirping birds
And buzzing bees.

I feel free
Of sickness,
To the highest of degree.

The light brighter
Than the sunshine we see.

My joy
Taller than the tallest tree.

Yet it still grows,
Up it goes,
As it perches behind me.

As I sit
Beneath the meadows
Of yellow,
With children bellowing
Sweet melodies
Around me.

I believe
And receive,
Life's joy through my body.

I am in light,
And full of delight,

That this is what life can truly be.
a Sep 2020
How strange is the relationship between man and nature?

When man finds himself amongst the turbulence and chaos of life,
he motions towards the calmness of the river.

When the river expresses its rage with its might,
the careful traveller attempts to trek lightly upon its courses.

Nature is in itself in synchronicity with life.
We find a refuge in nature unaware that we too are in synchronicity with its ever-changing states and phases. What does nature mean to you?
Amtul Hajra Sep 2020
When you sit swinging at every blink of my eyes.
The dark circles under sing the setting moon lullabies.
Free shadows of spring sunlight, and whispers in the corridors.
” I wish to never be alone”, says the Gardener in his mother tongue.
He pulls up hope in a tin can pouring over new buds, his whistles add sweetness to my ears.
that Mynah that sits under the banyan tree, sits on it today.
And sparrows picking at raw berries, flutter as I near them.
Wet grass pins at my feet, random flowers that mysteriously grew; falling from the paradise.
Here’s to my very own forest of life & death.
For I have failed many friends, those which never came back.
Though I waited, and I wait.
The woman in my house, with rags for clothes, dead faith that lives in the cracks of her lips.
And when she walks, her bunch of keys rattle her bottle of liquor she considers hidden. Her hands that pet rotis and light stoves, escape destiny and destroy hope.
Olive shaded walls of my home, frequently fall short of peace.
The ringing of bells from the latest exhibit, the tv making up for all those who were once before.
I raise the volume from 45 to 80,
All sorts of sacred prayers surround my very being.
I devour my pancakes and drain down coffee like religion itself.
shattered chandeliers bring me patterns of floating aspirations.
Sofa’s hold me any way I Can sit, while I forge some sleep, and fool my mind.
Rested i am not.
Empty i am.
My walls are so high, i only feel free at the top.
And sometimes think I’d like to fall.
when the waters from the shore mumble to me, “don’t fall for the charades.”
I stay put and cherish all the beauty.
At least, that’s what I think it is.
A passing wind slips from my hands, parting from every inch of my spine.
I plead, “take my heart with you.”
And so,
my heart beats in my rib cage,
But never at peace or in one place.
Viji Vishwanath Nov 2019
Keep neat, all around
Make green, all the side

Green green, all the way
Make good, all the day

Breath fresh, everywhere
So good, our atmosphere

Green green, all the way
Be healthy, all the day.....
Make green all around
Pratyush Jul 2019
Khubsurat sa desh tha pehle hamara,
Khub tareef karta tha yeh zamana,
Baat thi kuch uss desh meh nirali,
Kyuki Charo aur thi bas hariyali,
Badal chuki hai mere desh ki laali,
Tut chuki hai bhaichare ki daali,
Apne de rahe hai ek doosre ko gaali,
Aaj koi saath nahi manata holi ya diwali,
Kaha gayi mere desh ki voh hariyali,
Bandha hua hai desh dhaago se kaali,
Kaat dena hai voh dhage hume saari,
Banate hai desh ko jaise ek madhur kawaali,
Vapas aayegi mere desh meh voh laali,
Tareef karegi hamare desh ki duniya saari,
Saath milkar raho mere desh vaasi,
Door rahehi bhedbhav ki voh saaya kaali.
Jithin manoj Jun 2019
A thousand years back in time,
It was greener than ever.
A legion of evergreen trees
and outgrown ting bushes.
A family of chirruping birds
to violent hungry beasts.
All in serenity as in home.

It was never uncanny
But it is now.

At present it is
only a land in dreams.
No less than hell it is
A place devoid of peace
with dead trees in piece.
A land of ever lost hope
as all animal lost their home.

In future darker it would be
and who did this - We!
It's time to choose - redeem or repent.
Salmabanu Hatim May 2019
Kindness is free,
Smiles are contagious,
Hugs are plentiful,
Happiness is when you learn to give and forgive,
What are you waiting for ? Scatter your good deeds everywhere like raindrops,
Bring greenery in others life garden.
Abby M Mar 2019
I am a garden just waiting to let spring in
I stand frozen now with wind blown tufts in the air
Nothing but a blankness, as suits the harsher months
I wait for the signal to unclasp my sprigs
To make known my blooming blush
To let down my head of greenery
And fill the empty space where I have slumbered
I'll wrap you in blue
Draw silver to your design
Among crystal lines
In divine lights.
My love is red
Alive in wine.
Red in blue
Soft on skin
Standing in green.
My love is red
The most I've gained
Inspite of all the weights.
Stripes imperfect
Heavy in all shades.
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