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Opening my eyes
Beholding the great eyes next to me
I gradually stand up
But he held me back
Planting a hot kisses on my lips
Telling me how much he loves me

Breathless for some minutes
I was in 7th heaven then
But later,I opened my eyes
And I realised it was a dream.

Oh! What a dream?
I  love to experience this each morning
Always in my heart
Entering the room with your arms wide opened,
I got lost on sighting you in that black top
When you hold me in your arms
And softly whispered "I miss you"
I was melting to the bone marrow.

When I say "I love You"
Believe me it was melting the only truth of my heart.
Just listen to my heart, its softly beating
"I love you" as I am recalling that faithful evening in your hotel room.
Can't forget the day love
April is a month of new beginnings.
A new leaves cropped up
A new month of great flowers blooming
A month of fall and wet land.
All souls born in the month are called blessed.

I celebrate you all
The April born people
Know you are a legend
A great souls that will always bloom
Greater height to you all.
Most especially my love

I wish I can reach you
To celebrate you my way
To give you all the love I have in me
To wish you a better life together
And to talk you
I will always love you
I know I still live on in your heart.

And no matter the distance
Our love will live on.
Our heart will continue to be in love
We will live as one till eternity
Happy birthday in advance my love
Can you please stop running
Can you please let us talk this out
Let's not continue to be quiet
Let's not allow devil to take hold
Of our Happiness

I just want us to work things out
I'll listen to you with all my heart
I will do whatever you want me
To do if you ask me

And if we can remain as one.
We can be better for each other
We are extra strength for each other
We can love ourselves forever
We can fight our storm together now
So we never have to fear any storm again.
This seperation has made us Stronger
And we can be Stronger together till infinity.
My love goes on
When I see your face
Baby,I know how you're feeling
I feel your vibration here
And it's draining me

Baby give me all your attention
I know that you're drained
From the pain of our past story.
I was once in that stage
But I am healed now

I know that you're praying
For a better days to come
You just gotta give it time.
Remember,time heals the pain
And keep believing in you and I

You may not understand it now
But everything happens for a reason
The reason we cannot understand now
But in every season,
We just need to stay
Calm and be strong for each other
It won't be long that our awaited breakthrough will come.
But till then
I pray you give love a chance in your heart.
I send you healing energy.
Reading your status makes me sad
Walking down our past
Makes me feel how hurt your heart feels.
Feeling like to come your door if you can open it
So I can help you get better

But I know it's not the heart that
Needs to be healed or fixed
But it's the mind
That stores pieces of memories
That still hurts and makes you cry.

But opening your heart
And speaking your truth can
Open the gate to your total Happiness
That you may thank the universe for
Because if you can see clearly
The past help you to be who you are today.

How I will you can call my name
In this hurt state you are
And I will open your heart to the true
Desires of love.
I wish you all the best
Exotic bliss never rush to come
You need to hear something from me
But I thought we need to do it slowly

Though being with you is everlasting
But why happiness today,
Sorrow tomorrow
Will you bear these on mind
That I really care for you

But I realized That
We have many ships
In the world but only one ship
Never sink

Even, the mighty Titanic ship sank
But the unsinkable one
FRIENDSHIP never fails
It flows like a river
So let us share real truth
For truth should be in love
And love in truth
Then we can fight for our love.
I care always
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