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aspen wilde Apr 2021
i believe breathing in an air of love
would be the same as gasping in the
beckoning sweetness of a crimson rose on a
fresh summers day
Mark Toney Jul 2020
Annual pilgrimage begins
thousands flocking to our doors
braving elements of chance
what does new year have in store?
As they enter our domains
obedient to adverts’ beckoning
is there hope for addled brains
as they face their day of reckoning?

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
7/26/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2020 Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Cross Roz Apr 2020
For you, my love
be down in my knees
and long for your touch
and long for your kiss

But then, my love
your eyes won't lie
I am not the only guy
to hear your screams die

My love, who is he,
the one you fantasize
will he be more than me
and have done the same sacrifice?
Not in love nor broken. I cam't get out off this shell.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

Yesterday the wind whispered my name
while the blazing locks
of her rampant mane
lay heavy on mine.
And yesterday
I saw the way
the wind caressed tall pines
in forests laced by glinting streams
and thick with tangled vines.
And though she reached
for me in her sleep,
the touch I felt was Time's.

This is an early poem, written during my youthful Romantic period. I believe I wrote the original poem around age 18, then revised it six years later. Keywords/Tags: Love, freedom, beckoning, lure, allurement, time, wind, pines, streams, vines, hair, mane, locks, travel, departure, parting, separation, loss
sushii May 2019
And then my heart stopped short
As the rest of me rushed to keep up
And your face held placidly in the moonlight

You’re so very dark with your eyelashes and hair
I could steal it all away for myself
As my tears slowly crystallize

Your skin glows faintly
In the begging starlight
Calling me, beckoning me
For just one touch

Oh, how I would have you
If it could have been the other way
I could hold you in my arms
As I cherish your warmth

Oh, if only you knew how I love you
I wish it could be the other way
I wish you knew how I would hold you
And how I long for you day after day.
Àŧùl Jun 2017
I have always been beckoning
In the streets and classrooms,
In the schools and coachings,
In the soccer goals and chess games.

I have always been searching,
In the lonely evenings and nights,
In the sunny days and afternoons,
In the packed markets and parties.

I have always been so very patient,
In the empty Sundays and holidays,
In the private moments and hours,
In the public places and datings.

But true love was nowhere,
I searched the whole world,
Then I finally had it accepted,
That true love was only twice.

First was when I was born,
To my mother and father,
Second was the rebirth,
In an ICU's rebreather.
My HP Poem #1604
©Atul Kaushal
Amanda Shelton Oct 2016
Of dusty dreams and forgotten wishes,
falling from the heavens
I fell for you, as star’s do.

My shimmer dazzled
and amazed,
as my tail grazed the sky,
I leave wonder in your eyes.
© By Amanda Shelton

Sethnicity Jun 2015
Its times like now,    Alone in the shade
All couth is feasting on my frowning and dismay
As I sit by my lonesome crowded mid-West
A heartbeat a smile a gentle caress,
Intangibles of acceptance of ease of rest
Longing for embrace I chase with the best

My heart is throbbing sometimes in sometimes out
You are fixed in site in distance in memory and distress
The surging of mood can cause me much bout
Knowing you are here though I’m thinking quite less

In the presence of resonance I vibrate in tune
My trunk is still leaning, she tutors my topiary
In lusting and thrusting she’s willing my harpoon
Limbs cast shadows over new found leaves of liberty
Soft bodies do justice and let evil eyes swoon
In the abyss of darkness she carries a light
I’m but a moth dismissing the night
For giving myself, for breathing another sight
Foreshadows of chaos only make sacred my plight

When I rise with haste and scurry away
My maiden is waiting and waiting to replay
The tune once heard before the nightingales’ call
Before the mocking birds reminded me from which heights I did fall

Proximity and temptation so conveniently placed
Would not I have been more True, more Loyal about-face
Let me wither in silence with the tapping of Ravens
If only Poe told me true meaning of dear Eleanor
Every breeze that blew by would not seem safe havens
I would have you by my side to ground me Evermore
Enola Cabrera May 2016
Observing the outside world from a forbidden screen
Listening to the wind tauntingly, calling upon me
Come and dance with I
It would plead
Beckoning me to join the dancing leaves
Leaving my shadows behind the trees

DubJDaddy Oct 2015
The breath from her lips my enchanting vice.
She calls with silent motive in fluid flight, My name
I hear my name on the crest of her *****
In the break of the wave I'm an Argonauts Knight
Beckoning to my Siren.

My Heart races in the ocean foam
My blood marches to your pheromones
She's the promise, a prism of Masters eye
Mystique proscenium.

Her smile floods my thirsty soul
Jealous as the west wind embraces
Truth is you're more than mortality speaks of
You bathe in the full moon of my mind
Where visions echo dreams
That make me race to you at night
I've been lured by an enchanting song into your rocky shore
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