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LeBobbe Apr 2023
A cat's paw on top of my chest,
Is a gentle reminder of love and rest.
Kneading paws on my heart.
Knowing we'll never part.

A cat's paw on top of my chest
Gives me reason not to stand up.
I won't move till they wake up.
They are reasting in their nest.

A cat's paw on top of my chest,
A bond that will last for years.
Until one of us eternally rest.
Having you calms my fears.
Two of my cats love to sleep on top of me.
Tanya Feb 2019
It is a furry dog
that makes love
bark in another language,
that makes my heart
run wild on four
Oscar the labradoodle.
Tint Aug 2018
Hold me in your paw,
show me warmth and grow
Be the fluffy little bear hug
to play and make me glow
In gentle arms I will carry you,
feed you food and love
With short tail and long ones,
ginger and not

Make friends with me, pal

I have bigger hands and
you have sharp fangs
We will play catch as I laugh
in your silly feline acts
My little fury companion,
a mystery to some
Let us walk the path of short life
and let us be one
To the direction of tomorrow,
I hope to see you run

Make friends with me, pal
Calm me down and give me love
Make friends with me, pal
See you in another life.
Devin Ortiz Jul 2016
In the early morning
Before the sun overwhelms her
Four white paws trot about
Methodically traversing the grass

Each standing a pillar of stubbornness
Walking up her soft brown fur
Curling into her cunning smile
Eyes investigating my next move

Three years and some time
And ornery pup eager to love
Found herself alone in suburbia
Crossing my path to reward us both

She is known by many names
And perhaps she fancies quite a few
I call after her, she answers
That devilish grin, her ecstacy

By no means do I own her
She sings freedom in her walk
Just blessed to share the time
Of an old soul in a young heart

— The End —