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rebecca hunter Jan 2018
What is the universal language?
Is it not music? That soothes and amuses,
That inspires us to movement,
That paints a picture of a thousand words,
That when it’s heard, can move us to love.

Music so expressive, it can make you weep
Sounds so smooth, they can help you sleep.
And what about marches that propel armies,
Keeping their feet as one, with the beat?

A beat that throbs deep in your heart
And calls you apart, to dance or to revolution –  
The revolution of the soldier,
Or the revolution of the ballerina’s toes.
Who knows what has been done by the song you have sung
It has called, it has touched, it has moved
Like a bell, it has rung.

But let it love, not hate
Let it not be sung too late
And remember that all can hear it
So draw people near with it

You don’t need a rehearsal
To speak the universal language of music- Just use it!
rebecca hunter Jan 2018
Our time here is so very short -
We only realise this when we're getting old.
If only our young self were more mindful of this
And treated time more like gold:

Valuable and beautiful and something to be savoured,
Like someone you love, whom you always favour.
Never waver the flavour
Of that favour we've been given
Of Time, more elusive than rhyme!

From the ridiculous to the sublime -
One piece of time can feel like yesterday or yesteryear.
But it's always going away - never fear
Actually, do fear - that something so dear is frittered aloft,
Disregarding the cost of every day bought for us

For us to use, and choose to be useful
Each day that is new, to be used to be fruitful -
Beautiful fruit like beautiful gold
Valuable, glittering
Let's be bold - and let our Story be told!
rebecca hunter Jan 2017
I get up in the morning, get dressed
Where’s my valet?
Downstairs to my dining room
What’s new at the buffet?

The cutlery gleams, my bacon steams
I love the sound of the coffee machine
I really shouldn’t eat so much
I need to look good when I go to the club.

Well, it’s off to work now
Or should I do tennis first
No, it’s too hot
I’ll suffer too much thirst.

Where’s James with the car? Oh, there you are!
Hurry up, mate – you know I can’t wait.

What shall I watch during the ride?
I really don’t want to look outside -
We have to go past that awful slum
Why do they have to look so glum?


I get up in the morning, it’s so cold -
Just getting dressed makes me feel old.

I look on the shelf for something to eat
I wish I had a way to apply some heat.
I need to eat more – I should look better in this shirt.
I’d love some coffee – I wish my kettle would work.

I must get going - I’ll have to walk.
I used my bus fare to buy power for lights.
I don’t mind the dark – not at all
But I must be able to study at night.

I need to do something to get out of this slum
So I can walk to work not looking so glum.
rebecca hunter Jan 2017
I long for quiet, but then I long for company
I long for dessert, and then I long for Chinese take-aways

I long for chocolate, but then I long to be thin
I long for the easy way, but then I long to win

I long for a husband, then I long for a child
I long for consistency, but then I long to be wild

I long for rain, then I long to swim
Although that is fine - I'll just jump in

But I find I am longing - am I not content?
Do I not have enough - must I always augment
the needs I have on my list of things
the need I have to spread my wings
the need I have to settle down
the need I have to wear a crown
the need I have to always 'do'
the need I have to start anew?

No! This must stop - I must open my eyes
To all that's around me - between earth and skies
To all I've been given, from Heaven Or Hell
To all I've become, to all I've done well
To all that I am - Thanks to Him
To the Great "I am", Who lives within.
rebecca hunter Jun 2015
Garden afternooning
People all around
Music in the air
We're chilling on the ground

Popcorn and coffee
Guitars and Ukes
Picnic blankets
People sitting in twos

The sounds are warm
Resonant and rich
Filling the air for the sake of the poor
Hearts gathered together
From all walks of life
To find out how we can give more

New connections made
Awesome talent shared
A good cause funded
Now we're more aware

So the garden was filled
Our hearts were grown
God's Kingdom was furthered
So little hearts will know
More love of the Father,
The Author of this show
I attended a lovely music afternoon in aid of a new craft centre in an under-priveleged area. I was inspired to write this, which they kindly published on their website,
rebecca hunter Apr 2015
I find it strange when I arrange
To go anywhere else but here
All over the map – how 'bout that!
Now I'm here, then I'm there, “every-wier”

Yes, strange, I say, how that on one day
You're looking at the Kommetjie sea
Then, in a few hours, you have the power
To be up the Cairngorms to ski!

I find it so foreign, like the look of a sporen
To imagine going south to north
But when I arrive – Heathrow Terminal 5
It just took a plane, of course

When west up the south coast of Africa
I look on the map back t'ward home
I think “How on earth did I get here?”
What a strange thing it is to roam!

If only I'd time, after this rhyme
To travel further more often
Perhaps I'd acclimatise - become more climate-wise
And this strange, creepy feeling would soften.
rebecca hunter Mar 2015
Ireland so green, Scotland so blue
How am I going to ever leave you?
Although now cold, what a beautiful sight!
See you in the summer? - Let's hope I might:)

I'm on my way back to my land of sun
Back to my family and the home that I run
I want to bring them with me next time
To show why you're in this heart of mine.

Your people are friendly, and helpful, too
Your music is heartfelt – can one help but love you?
Your landscape, delightful – beautifully rugged and rough
So amazing – I can't get enough!

Your history is rich, your buildings – they show it
Your people - your legacy – I'm sure they know it
Well, I'm yours, too, now - I am the same
So I'll wave my “hunds” when next I come “hame”!
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