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Into this world
of ancient earthen homes
heated by fragrant native wood
comes gentle and silent snow.

Within the delicate fibers
of this newly formed heart
one tapestry is being woven.

Its indeterminate colors
barely visible, shimmer.

Longing, and loving
one presence, dancing closely
finding balance and resolution
in this sound, in this knowing
in shraddha.
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Lynn Greyling Jan 2015
Beckon the swallows sweetly,
With a voice filled with longings
To the heavens of scented Spring.
Lynn Greyling Nov 2014
So sweet the smell
I cannot tell.

Is it a lily or
is it the girl
next door…
Gladys P Jul 2014
My heart sails,
Like the ocean breeze,
In search of the calming aquamarine waters,
As it rises with ease.

Sending a refreshing fragrance,
When the brisk air echoes upon the shore,
And cleanses my inner soul,
As I listen to the music of yore.

And the midnight sky,
Transcends into a luminous show,
As I sit back,
And enjoy the beautiful site from below.

— The End —