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دema Aug 11
please don't
doubt how
much love
for you
resides in
this heart
of mine,


please take
good care
of the heart
that lies
in the palms
of your hands.
mjad Aug 3
If he held me again today
I'd collapse into his being
In anger and regret
And thankfulness
Otherwise there'd be no change
He was once all of my heart and mind
Not only occupying my thoughts
Fogging them
I did not think of me
I thought of us
A fragile concept
One of the past

If he held me again today
It would be the last
M Solav Jul 19
Oh how I hate art!
So much noise
And false pretenses,
Such undeserved poise
For those vain promises.

Sure, in everything there’s a message,
Yes, anything you want to acknowledge.

How I hate art!
For it is far too fragile
To dare play so smart
How I hate art!

Oh how I hate art!
Whether I’m missing the point
Or whether there was none;
Whether it isn't what it ain’t
Or whether it’s just for fun.

How I hate art!
For it cannot do otherwise
Than state the obvious
And pretend to be wise.

Sure, you’ve convinced more than a few;
Yes, they’ve all grasped your great value.

How I hate art!
The cliche, the glamour
The whole thing and the part,
Oh how I hate art!
Written in December 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
my dear pretty starling
you'll hold my fragile attention
for no more than perhaps a season

but i'll still sit under your acacia branch
collecting iridescent feathers
as i listen to you beckon away the sun

and my dear pretty starling
soon you'll migrate to warmer evergreen
so i wish your wispy heart farewell

for mine has rotted off like bad fruit
but i'll still tuck away the seeds
for your curious beak to plant elsewhere.
Nigdaw Jul 14
my life is egg and chips
served on a plate
the size of your head
with unlimited tea
my life is You Tube
on a continuous loop
of ghost investigations
amazing facts I never knew
and documentaries about
how scientists aren’t as smart
as they think they are
my life is ***** top bottles of beer
I can open with my paw
and tip down my throat
with consummate ease
my life is poetry and art
that speaks to me
tells me how fragile the world is
people are our future will be
my life is worrying about
the planet
my children
my wife
my job
my future
life after death
documentaries about my death
me becoming a ghost
my diet
my drinking
how art mirrors life
how I’m not as smart
as I think I am
I am uncomplicated
just like everyone else
N Jul 12
My brittle heart
longs to be held
by your small hand
Boris-Bryce Jul 9
We humans are like puzzlepieces and many of mine have either gone missing or are broken.

Natalia Jul 5
The mind, ever tenuous,
Such burdening fragility
Forever nebulous.

With it no control.
It does not go gently,
Rather entangles the soul.

It sets sail,
To the ends of the earth
No tide, nor wind, nor gale

It will not slow.
Not for you.
Watch the current flow.

The stars watch you now,
Your hopes and wishes
They deliver somehow.

Will they come out?
Or drown in your mind
As you are left maligned.

I will not be chained
Beaten or broken
Much as I am pained.

The current will lead on,
The mind will cease looking,
Searching for what is gone.
Another hard-hitting poem for me to write. Grief was well and truly hitting me tonight. But a hopeful message at the end.
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