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  Apr 24 Shang
Beebz The Queen
thoughts in my head clouding my sight
my anxieties keeping me up at night
constantly thinking you’re not on my side
thinking that all my demons will collide

there’s something in the water i drink
i know this because i fear what i think
you tell me i’m crazy and that we’re okay
are you tired of reminding me everyday

i spin further away from my truth
i dive deeper into the pain of my youth
digging and searching for some peace
but these voices in my head don’t cease

i remember the rush the joy the ache
knowing there was something at stake
self harm my absolute longest lost friend
i hope that we never ever meet again
Shang Feb 2019
I love your smile.
the way your soul
anchors truth deep
inside my stomach's pit,
tying knots from doubt,
end to end.

I like the colors of the wind that
swirl down from your shoulder
to your hand.

I love the unnoticed things.
    the way your cheeks glisten,
     reflecting the early,
  untamed light.

I like your voice.
   the permanent war
  between heart and mind;
for as long as neither permit
a final kiss goodbye,
we may taste eternity
breathing life into
morning's bare-skinned
waiting between
the teeth for a whisper
on pale-moonlight
to softly
introduce our lips
through a starry-eyed kiss.
I love you, forever.
Shang Aug 2017
the soft light from
the room
casted a shadow
on half of you
and i thought to myself,
i am in love.
her ******* were
still swollen
from the child we lost,
she smiled her sleepy
smile and said, "i want
this moment to last forever."
and i thought to myself,
i will be okay.
i said this with more
hope than honesty.
and honestly, i gave
up on hope the day
you aborted our child.
so the moment has long
and i'm grateful to know
your heart isn't kind.
though, i still wish you
the best with this war
you're fighting within.
i'm just happy to be without
reasons to miss you anymore.
© Shang
Shang Jul 2017
with every passing moment,
I find it more and more
difficult to determine
who is human &
what human is?
© Shang
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