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Shang Aug 2017
the soft light from
the room
casted a shadow
on half of you
and i thought to myself,
i am in love.
her ******* were
still swollen
from the child we lost,
she smiled her sleepy
smile and said, "i want
this moment to last forever."
and i thought to myself,
i will be okay.
i said this with more
hope than honesty.
and honestly, i gave
up on hope the day
you aborted our child.
i'm grateful to know
your heart isn't kind.
i still wish you
the best with this war
you're fighting within.
i'm just happy to be without
reasons to miss you anymore.
© Shang
Shang Jul 2017
with every passing moment,
I find it more and more
difficult to determine
who is human &
what human is?
© Shang
Shang Jun 2017
if God is in the details,
I must have forgotten
my prayers

her smile was the truth,
and her eyes were the door.

in seven days,
goodbye, tiny hands..
mon amour

they don't make
promises like
you anymore

without a smile,
goodbye, gabrielle..
mon amour
© Shang
Shang Jun 2017
sometimes you will
be absolute in your resolve

and sometimes you will
be the issue needing solved

a question unanswered
is the vessel to affliction
it's synonymous with
all of your uncertainty  

sometimes you must
accept that you may never
find the answers

and I know that's hard to swallow.
© Shang
Shang Jun 2017
you kept me strung up
like a memory
of the death of someone
you used to love
you used me up
you gave me just
barely enough
to keep me there
as a ghost melting
into the memory of
someone I used to know
© Shang
Shang Jun 2015
how absolutely
unassuming one will be
blind-sided by love
© Shang
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