Shang May 2018
i'm the epitmy of pity-me.
like, oh, how sad,
poor thing..
I've never been handed anything,
but a complex, that above all else,
demands happiness less and less.
and listless scars of sadness
that always do follow..
  a constant reminder of a time
i wish i hadn't borrowed.
i trembled with abandon so i
prayed to a *** i no longer believed in.
indifference left me alone, crippled and hollow.
couldn't deal with the abuse of today, too concerned with what **** might produce tomorrow.
never knew just when i would break,
but i knew life would fall into peices, someday.
evident, yet unaware,
my mind hid it so well from myself.
and for the life of me
I can't remember when or how
my eyes failed to filter the light
and when darkness befriended my
disease riddled mind
and I just can't recall the moment
loneliness took hold or when
this deep, unnatural sadness began
to dig graves deep inside my old ***** soul.
  Apr 2018 Shang
A sweet sorpresa
you were when you
came into my life
right as it was
crumbling into
jagged pieces.

Bella was that
smile you flashed,
making me feel
like I was
basking in the
warmth of sunlight.

As I told you about
my life you listened
patiently, even though
we barely knew each
other. I couldn't help
but open up to you.

I told you I wish I could
start my life anew, get
rid of all my past mistakes.
You would have none of that.

"Escúchame," you commanded
in a gentle yet sharp tone, catching
me off guard.
"You can't just throw those away
when they're what makes you you."

"So what do I do with them?" I asked,

"You learn something beautiful."

"But how?"

"Espera. That’s what I do and with time,
the messiest moments of my life become
some of my most beautiful lessons."

So, I'm waiting and hoping
that like you, I will learn
something beautiful from
my not-so-pretty moments.
  Feb 2018 Shang
Melvin boyer
The long walks an talks.
So late at night me an you.
The time we spend is so me an you.
Day is work,night is meetings.
But we always find time for me an you.
You got me stuck in time.
Me an you.
My days so long waiting.
As the time ticks by all I think is me an you.
Never have I had this feeling..
Or felt so close to someone in so short of time.
It's crazy you got me like I know I got you.
Out to eat an all I see is me an you.
All the sweet stuff we do only we know it's just me an you.
The smile that's only for me an you.
This is for me an you...
Shang Nov 2017
it's really beautiful how flowers
grew on the saddest parts of me
the moment you stepped into my life.
fragrance just radiated unexplained happiness and drew such colorful auras.
            you are the sunshine;
the reason why these flowers bloom.

the love that we have cultivated is the
Amarath, the flower that never fades.
the love that is everlasting.
dreams of you beneath the honey-
moonlight, together laughing.
life tatses better, now. from my soul, the masks begins to fall.
every moment passing, i am finding happiness. eveloped in your love,
I am finally home.
©Alliana Griselle Mendoza ©Shang

This is my first co-written poem. Thanks to Hello Poetry I have met the woman of my dreams, my best friend, my soulmate, my babycakes, my fiancé and soon to be wife.
She's making coffee right now. She's the best.
I love you Alliana.
Shang Aug 2017
the soft light from
the room
casted a shadow
on half of you
and i thought to myself,
i am in love.
her ******* were
still swollen
from the child we lost
and she smiled her sleepy
smile and said, "i want
this moment to last forever."
and i thought to myself,
i will be okay.
i said this with more
hope than honesty.
and honestly, i gave
up on hope the day
you aborted our child.
so the moment has long
and i'm grateful to know
your heart isn't kind.
though, i still wish you
the best with this war
you're fighting within.
i'm just happy to be without
reasons to miss you anymore.
© Shang
Shang Jul 2017
with every passing moment,
I find it more and more
difficult to determine
who is human &
what human is?
© Shang
Shang Jun 2017
if *** is in the details,
I must have forgotten
my prayers

her smile was the truth,
and her eyes were the door

in seven days,
goodbye, tiny hands..
mon amour

they don't make
promises like
you anymore

without a smile,
goodbye, gabrielle..
mon amour
© Shang
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