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Dazzle me with your aura
suspense weakens me.
my heart heats up in impatience by the minute.
the other day, when the flowers spoke about you, they expelled the fragrance of admiration.
the birds in a tweet assured me
that I shall be bamboozled at your wonder.
I am itching to meet your acquaintance.
save me from this flood of anxiousness
before it drowns my existence.

#admiration #anxiety #nervousness #dazzleme #supriseme #sweepmeoffmyfeet
I slept on the bed
of a poet, Gibran
and there fell a poem
into my head
like a song…

“One day you will ask me
which is more important?
My life or yours?
I will say mine
and you will walk away
not knowing
that you are my life.”

I slept on the bed
of a poet, Gibran
and my dreams were filled
in my heart was a song
a longing so sweet
a desire too strong
till the museum guard came
and moved me along

Note: Kahlil Gibran pronounced Jibron in Arabic
Trigger warningVery disturbing
Dear sir, I write to you at a time when
Bloodshed has become a trending hashtag.
When genocide is another word for good morning.
When a mosquito bite has resulted in a bird flu
and the bird owner has been quarantined.
"The bird should be discarded" you decree.
On its wings it conveyed passion, ideas and businesses.
A confidant, a pillar it has become.
A pillar of support no government parastatal offered.
I write that you reconsider for from my little knowledge, no one can cage a bird.
It is meant for the skies so let it fly.
Yours faithfully, a very lazy youth.

Nigerian government has banned Twitter. I say this with my two hands covering my face in shame. While deaths are occurring thanks to terrorism, all he can think of is banning Twitter because his tweets were deleted.
I sit upon my throne of pain, to my left and right are precious stones of gold, silver and diamond sparkling challenges in my direction.My crown of agony sits majestically on my head.I wear it with pride. For what makes a queen, roses or thorns?
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