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leolewin Jun 2023
If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply look up at the stars,
And I will twinkle back.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply close your eyes and listen,
For I will be singing with the birds to you.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simple feel the earth below your feet,
I will be with you every step of the way.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply smell the sweet scented flower from the black locust tree.
Pause and move on with your day.
leolewin Apr 2023
Like rolling waves,
The good times flow with the bad.
Life’s undulations give us emotions otherwise unhad.
The human experience, to feel and let go.
The human experience is both filled with joy and sorrow.

What does it mean to be a live without death.
The infinite end gives breath to every moment.
What does it mean to be human, without feeling the trials and tribulations of existence.
Without true feelin,
life is so meaningless.

A whole heart weighs heavy with emotion,
A broken heart neglects the truth and forgets that our time is borrowed.
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leolewin Apr 2023
Focus on your mind
Strengthen your body
Heal your spirit
leolewin Apr 2023
Looking into your eyes,
I see the stars shine.

Looking into your eyes,
Eases my tainted mind.

Looking into your eyes,
I see the love you have for mine.

Your eyes are looking into mine,
I’m loosing track of time.

These moments feel like forever,
I only wish they would be.

The notion that one day you won’t be gazing into my eyes, makes these moments all the more special.

Life moves fast. Enjoy the small moments. Nothing in this world, is made to last.

Ill be looking into your eyes, I hope that sight will be my very last.
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leolewin Sep 2022
There were 2 chairs,
But I'd rather share 1 with you.
Love 2 my Say
leolewin Sep 2022
Pardon me as I burst into flames and vanish into a cloud of smoke.

The world's some sick joke and I'm done trying to laugh.
leolewin Sep 2022
Strength; A priceless gift given by pain.
Keep pushing
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