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leolewin Sep 2018
We took so much from eachother,
That by the end we had nothing left to give.
leolewin Nov 2017
Some live for love,
Some live for hate,
Some live to spread fear,
Some live to create,
Some live to get noticed,
Some live for the answer,
Some live without knowing
Some live and it doesn’t matter.

Some live to die,
Some live for the moment,
Some live to be successful,
Some live and never owned it.
Some live in debt,
Some live with excess,
Some live with pain,
Some live with heartache,

Some live life accordingly,
so their mind doesn’t break.

Everyone lives    +  
Everyone struggles

Be kind.
#torontopoet #bekind #poemoftheday #canada
leolewin Nov 2017
The Lizard Man moved quickly.

He was confident and cold blooded, adapting to any environment easily.
With zero remorse, and less than an ounce of love in his heart he slowly turned the world on its head.
Spreading hate to the people, pretending there was no equal, in the name of blind patriotism, ignorance was accepted.
The people began to divide, a cancer grew inside, feasting on the insolent hate.
Violence and chaos ensued next.
People took to the streets, fires were burned, humans were beat, all for the sake of The Lizard Man.
#torontopoem #politicalpoem #canadianpoet #toronto
leolewin Jul 2017
Crystal blue eyes,
They remind me of the ocean.

As beautiful and limitless, as breathtaking and devastating.

To set sail is a death wish,
and to never try is a regret.
leolewin Jul 2017
Each day I see a different part of the picture,
Giving me fleeting notions of comfort.

Each day I feel a little different,
Making for an interesting ride.

Emotions changing with the seasons,
Happiness comes and goes with the tide.

Each day I learn something new,
Discovering what
resides inside.
leolewin Jul 2017
Waiting for my luck to change
Waiting for a sunny day

Waiting for the time and place

in which the waiting wastes away.

Waiting for it all to click
Waiting for it all to stick

Waiting for a happy ending
Waiting while my time is spending.
leolewin Jul 2017
Why are countries run like companies instead of communities?

Why do we prioritize a profitable margin over a healthy society?

Why when I try so hard to see the beauty in the world, does it continue to show me its ugly evil?

Is life redundant since we all end up dying?

Why do we die?

Is there anything after death? A heaven? A hell?

Probably not.
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