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Elijah Aaron Jan 2021
Down in the dirt.
Beat to the ground.
Hit after hit.
Strike after strike.
Bruises on and in me.
Cuts deep and sharp.
Get up I will.
Stay down I can't.
Things aquire my attendence.
People need my presence.
On my feet now.
Steady myself.
Stare it all down I must.
Take it head on I do.
More pain is sure to come.
It's ok.
It's what it takes.
I'm not alone.
I have been healed.
So come on!
Take your best shot!
Keep going.
Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Look at what you have done
Watch the tears run down my face
I am hurt
My heart is in pain
How could you do this?
I feel so much rage
You have made me angry
You have made me mad
I hope you realize what you have done
Am I anything to you?
Do I even matter?
You are too focused on wanting my forgiveness
You can't even see your own faults
I have nothing to say to you
I no longer feel
I forgive you but not for you sake
For mine, to be free of you
Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Please forgive me my Love
I have messed up
I hurt you and didn't listen
I did something I shouldn't have
I made you empty
I drained you out
Let me fill you now and make it right
I'm sorry my Love
I'm sorry...
Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Binding cracking as I open again
Pages falling into place from the last read
Hello again my old friend
Take me to the world
From the first time long ago
Captivate me with your words
Let me get lost in the story
Reading by low light once again
This never gets old
I never grow tired
My room has grown quiet
My glasses on my nose
Once again old friend
You have my full attention
Read on.
Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Have patience dear one
Do not try to rush
Good things will come
You just have to wait
All is not lost
All is not out of reach
You will achieve your goal
Keep working
Keep trying
Wait for it all
You will not be forsaken
Good things come to those who wait.
Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Can you hear it?
Cup your hands, listen.
Isn't it beautiful?
Wait... you can't hear it?
Here, close your eyes.
Concentrate on nothing.
Let your mind go blank.
Take a deep breathe.
Let all of your worries go.
Now do you hear it?
Do you hear the silence?
Good, remember this sound.

Remember it when you get overwhelmed.
Remember it when you feel alone.
Remember it when you feel out of control.
Remember it to set you free from your mind.
Shhh. Be silent and be free.
Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Quiet, let nothing in
Let everything out
Calm yourself
Be free of the pain
Fall into my arms
Lay your head down
Take heart
Relax and breathe
Be at peace my love
You are save
Everything is secure
I have you now
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