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Annika Apr 2021
I smooth out the sand, sticking to my ankles
I look up to you, our eyes meet
Green as the sea
Mine as deep as the trees

We know
Forever connected
Forever growing
Forever in motion

The unknown
To stand still on the sand?
To move as the tide?
Do we soar above the mountain peaks?
Annika Apr 2021
There is a time for everything under the sun
now is the time
for mourning to pass
night to approach
our dreams to fly
and healing in the pursuit of happiness
Annika Apr 2021
No matter
how purely
or deeply
you love
You are only ever in conrol of the love you give...
Annika Apr 2021
My cup
is far from half empty
Overflowing with dicsipline and self love
in her highest form
To choose self love and self respect
over forgivness in shallow hopes.
Annika Apr 2021
Going through the process
Growing through the process
Letting go

I know, I'm being tested
For the amplitude of abudance that is to be poured over my head
trickle to my feet

For my Karma should be as light as morning break
As captivting as the sunrise

That first I must go through the pain
to come out on the otherside
To grasp the blessing that have been so eagarly
prepared for me
Annika Apr 2021
The only way to test the authenticity of a diamond is to place it under pressure
waiting to see if it breaks...

You wont find another diamond like me.
That is in stone...

Fakeness is the lesson you refuse to grow from
Fake is the world we live in
Fake is what you hate
But you love a fake face
Annika Apr 2021
Hate does not have the Energy
or Determination
to Extenguish
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