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Talis Ren Dec 2018
God, you’re off and on again:
black and white,
hard to read between the lines.

I can’t have my glasses
if you keep breaking them.
A dash of salt and ice
doesn’t put out the house fire.

Why are we here
if not to bicker and fight
and expect the paint overcoat?

What a mess.
Olivia Anderson Aug 2014
I take you down
And scatter salt on the ground

I tell you I'm not the one
And leave a kiss on your cheek

I rip your clothes off
And forget every promise made

I go far, far away
And wrestle

with the *crux
of being comfortable.
August 2014
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
My face is so hot
And my hands are just so cold
It's a nice problem.
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
Why is it that my hands are hot
And my feet are freezing cold?
Could it be that a fleeting heart
Would be hesitant instead of bold?

— The End —