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I can see you laying on your bed,
Lost in your reveries.
I regret what I said I was so upset.
You reminded me of my bad memories.
I am sorry.
I don't want to be your enemy.
You used to be a good friend of me
I was afraid.
Sometimes you cross my mind.
I wanna get lost in your eyes.
And forget about my pride which made me go blind.

Yeah, I know, I am a hopeless romantic.
Sweet smile, dreamy words.
You pretend they are the only one in your world.
I don't wanna be your plan b.
Do you think i am scared to end up lonely ?
I rather be a loner than being your back up partner.
A week ago it was still a pain to my ego.
I am happily Jaded.

L. Lucky enough to find reciprocity.

O. Overwhelmingly thinking of you.

V. Vaingloriously hypnotized by your persona. I couldn't help to become your prisoner.

E. Exclusiveness was an idea you wanted me to believe in. But apparently it wasn't for you.
Not really a poem
Sebastien Angelo Nov 2018
Imposible naman siguro
Na sa higit isang taon natin na
Pagsasama sa iisang bubong
At pagtatabi sa iisang kama
Ay agad-agad na lang akong nalimutan
Na para bang pinagsamahan
Ay walang kahit kakarampot na halaga.

Kumustahin mo naman ako...

Kung kaya ko pa ba
Kahit na malinaw namang
Kayang-kaya mo na.
Sebastien Angelo Oct 2018
your eyes send signals forecasting a tremor.
so i pull you close and kiss the cracks
on your parting lips tonight.
broken glass and land slides,
tidal waves and ruined city,
you taste like catastrophe
waiting for a trigger.
but no, i am not complaining.
your mood may change like tectonic plates,
drift apart and rearrange
but never will i fear
your unpredictable seismic waves.
for this is a part of you
i have accepted long before
my heart began beating your name.
you may shake my world to pieces,
rive it with aftershocks and sinkholes,
but for now let's turn off the lights.
let me lull your troubled fault lines.
Sebastien Angelo Oct 2018
naaalala ko pa no'n
diretso sa tindahan ng turon
pagkatapos ng ating klase
kwentuhan hanggang matapos ang hapon

'pag madilim na ang kalye
sinasabayan ka sa pag-uwi
mapalayo man sa'king bahay
kahit galit na naman si nanay

agad kang tinatawagan
paglapat ng likod sa higaan
dinadaan pa sa assignments
marinig ko lamang ang iyong boses

gumigising ng maaga
kahit lunes ay ganado't handa
makita lang ang iyong mukha.
ilang taon pa ay inamin ko na.

hindi ko alam kung bakit
masakit maging kaibigan lang
kahit sa pagkakaibigan naman
nag-umpisa ang lahat...

pero ayos lang basta ikaw
maghahangad pero maghihintay
ayos lang basta para sa'yo
masasaktan pero 'di sususuko
pasasaan ba at baka
doon din tayo mapunta
pero kung talagang hindi
'di pa rin aalis sa'yong tabi
basta ikaw...
not related to what i'm currently going through nor to any of my past experiences. this is just a form of creative experimental writing.
Sebastien Angelo Oct 2018
sobrang ginaw ba ng paligid
at pati puso mo'y nanlamig?
niyakap kita ng mahigpit, ngunit
mas nanginig nang ako'y lumapit.
sabi mo'y kailangan mo ng oras,
espasyo na saki'y malayo.
ang nais mo'y makapag-isip,
bakit ko naman ipagkakait?
binigay ko lahat ng gusto mo
pero ngayon ako ang talo.
ang panahong hiningi para
init ay manumbalik
ay ang s'yang naging mitsa
upang damdami'y tuluyang mawaglit.

sobrang lamig na ng paligid
at ang tanging lunas ay ang iyong halik.

pakiusap mahal, ika'y magbalik.
Seema Aug 2017
So now that I've closed all doors of my wilting heart, you found other means to get to the entrance. Don't think whilst opening the door, you'll see the same flourished garden. You have no idea of how withered it's inside. A sinkhole that drowns and absorbs all the pain and sorrows that has, and is still coming from you. If someone used your feelings and drenched your emotions that definitely doesn't mean you silently revenge on me! All I did seek was a little respect for my small family and love for me.
I guess, it's just too much to ask for, these days. Coz, it hits hard with unbearable pain that only the nights know the value of tears.
What wrong have I ever done to you or your family that you painted such a disgusting picture of me with your so called honest words!!
I am a human with feelings not some man-made machine that you can use and overuse.
Years do teach a lot of lessons, regrets and mistakes and mentality of those close. So hit me hard with word(s) or any desired conspiratory weapon. I will still live with "Thank you" for teaching me good lessons of trust and loyalty.

Time is the best healer. Lessons learnt.
Seema Jun 2017
I don't know, how many heartbeats are left in this body. But I can assure you, that my time is quite near. Near to the gates of freedom from this sinful body. I admire, the ticks on the old wall clock. It gradually reminds me of my choking last breaths. The treasure chest in my heart weighs heavy with sorrows. The key resides in my mind, where the memories churn. My eyes stare wide at the pillars and the high ceilings. The energy to raise my hand has drained to the point, where I can't even get up. Blurred vision and twinkling micro lights fly whenever I blink to see, to see what I've missed more. To see that one peace that my soul craved for. To see you, being successful. Sometimes, I hold onto my get the feelings of death. But then, I am suddenly perched with enormous pain, like a million needles stamped over my chest.
A pin drop silence, then a siren sheering sound bust in my ears. And this, my dear I believe is a tour of hell.
It's just a bad fate, I carry with me, and this will leave me only.
Only, on the day,
I leave this needless body, for good
And all the pain, the sufferings, the sounds shall stop
A pin drop silence

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