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JOY Oct 2021
I can't say that I'm living my best days
And I can't say that I get the man of my dreams
Because; he still chose the work days as an exercise to stay with me
And because he always celebrating with her , in their house not with me
And because he always smile that charming smile whenever he talk with her , and I thought I was the only one who make him feel that way

Some boy flirt with me when we walk in the street, and my head is spinning around with possibilities of what are you gonna do ?
Will you rebuke him and get angry like what you do whenever someone flirt with her ?
Or you just bring me closer to you and pass your long fingers on my shoulder,
like a hopeless and sad sign that, I’m all yours?
the second choice,
  Sep 2021 JOY
Danielle Shorr
When you love someone who is not there
Your mind will learn to create
Draw images of how everything should be
Erase ones that depict how it actually is
Eventually you will forget what is real
And what is make believe
You will convince yourself
That you are not forgotten
And that even though you haven't heard from him in days
He still thinks of you
You will tell yourself
That you are still wanted
Regardless of the fact that you barely want anything to do with yourself
You will somehow believe that someone else does
He will not tell you though
You have to remind yourself that he is too busy
Too involved even for a hello
You will have to remember
That his life never intended on having you be part of it
And that you
Will probably never be a part of it
You will constantly be reminded of every time you were promised future
And your wanting for it will become unbearable
You will lay awake at night like you always do
This time tasting of more than just alcohol and regret
You will swallow your own tongue wondering why fate never seems to be on your side
Thinking maybe you were never meant to love in the first place
That meeting him was a mistake
You should have known better anyway
To fall for a guy
With a heart already occupied
You know all too well
That there is not enough room in one for two
And you are the tenant with the most vacant body
Stop trying to fill yourself with things that don't exist
You will need to recall
Every single time you have built yourself up
Your expectations piling above you
Never anticipating the crash
You always seem to be staring blank eyed
When everything around you crumbles into disaster
You learn to pick up the pieces
And glue them into something decent enough to look at
Your mind is still painting pictures
On a canvas that will most likely never be tangible
And you will be reminded of it when you're laying in bed
And your hands grab for someone who is not there
When you love someone who is not there
You will spend every second of the day
Searching for them in crowded rooms
When in reality
You know
They weren't there to begin with
And they probably
Never will be.
  Sep 2021 JOY
Danielle Shorr
I find comfort in the static of the record player humming,
the crackling of vinyl against its holding
your arms tucked tight around the curve of my spine
and waking up to the corners of your lips widening

this is a sunday morning
that I could relive
7 days a week

this is a feeling
I am near terrified of
but in a way that I need to be

I have never been one for writing love poems
and when it comes to writing love
good endings aren't my specialty

I'm not one for spilling vulnerability
to then have to clean up the mess
after it goes without catching

I'm not the best at predicting future
and letting go
is an art form I am still mastering

I have never been one for writing love poems
especially not for those
who don't stick around
long enough to hear them
but for you
I am willing
to take the risk
to set aside hesitation
for the chance of lasting
to sacrifice my fear of heights
for the possibility of a smooth landing

I don't know you well
but I know you enough
to know you're exactly what I want

so I'll talk about your smile
how your dimples have quickly become
my favorite half moon to stare at
or the way you look at me
like a single star
in the middle of a busy Los Angeles sky

being enfolded in your grasp
feels like sun peeking through grey
how lightness makes itself known
even in the midst of rain

I want my skin
to find a home in your palms
and my laugh
an echo in the crook of your neck

for routine
to settle on the map of your body
from collarbone to knuckle to wrist
making a transparent dent in each earlobe
to be missed by my lips
to crave the caress of my hands
when they have other obligations

and I'll hope
that I can waste
as much time with you
as I intend to
although I'm sure
that any time we spent together
would be anything but wasted
I hope
that we can stretch these two nights into two hundred
weaving a weekend into something we can wrap ourselves in

this is me saying a prayer
the only way I know how to

I have never been one for writing love poems
but for you
it is all I want to do
to listen to the silence
and from it
form a symphony
to take this coincidence
and call it fate
to give out all of my honesty
and hope that you stay
JOY Sep 2021
I want to write a song
I want to be a songwriter
I want to dream a dream
I want to be a dreamer
I want to write a poem
I want to be a poet
I want my poetry to be spread
So that someone will finally feel it
The eyes are sparkling with too much glam
Who has the power to achieve it?
The heart is burdened with too much pain
Who has the power to enter it? Then to heal it?
Then to return it to its original keeper.
Because she lost it while she was floating in gold
Golden dreams would never find its way to her miserable heart
Her miserable heart that wishes to be it all
But here she is, here she goes
Writing about her inability to let her dreams out of this ripped gray closet
She writes them down in her white screen
Perhaps someday, somebody will find it,
Will find it rare.
JOY Sep 2021
now I let the television on
while I don't even watch
but I play it loud and clear
so, all the silence in the room
will be replaced by the noise
that once was filled with yours

but why I don’t say it directly?
will you come back to me?
so alone without you
but why I don't say it directly?
will you come back to me?
before your smell fads away
and i get lost
cause i won't breathe another breathe without you
and in case you have not figured it out yet
yes, you are my life support
JOY Apr 2021
maybe you were not mine,
and you will probably never be,
I will always be yours
till infinity.
JOY Apr 2021
Her mind was brilliant
her mind was not even a diamond
it was much bigger and greater than this
it was deep like the ocean, broad like the sky,
no, it was considerably further than this

It was like the place where the sky and ocean meets
where the fish and all the wild creatures occupy
where the stars and the planets spin

It was much deeper and greater than this
It has wild thoughts and incredible themes
It pictures the most marvelous scenes

she was pretty ,not only her face
but she was pretty in soul, heart, features
she was pretty like I have never seen before
she was not pretty just like me and you
she was like the queen of this world
yet she did not know.
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