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Parzival Jun 2020
This is how this story goes
I ask you, how does it feel when the lights don't stop
Bright screens blinding you, no place to go
Abandon Everything you know
And run away, escape from the prison of
Let go, go out, free yourself from the chains
Abandon all the things you know
Put an end to the tedious cycle
I ask you once more, how does it feel?
How does feel when the tides slam into you?
Just run away, run into the emptiness
No cell phones, no TV
Let go, move out, here the words of judgement
don't stop
Abandon Everything you hold dear
Just quit, run away, run away
Just let go, be free
Hide your thoughts no more
Get out, move away from there vicious hearts
They say there's no place to go
But that's what makes worth trying.
Parzival May 2020
It won't matter how it turns out
Not to me
It was my decision
So I'll keep screaming no regrets
Born alone die alone
I killed my heart beacuse nothing in this place
deserves it
I let the darkness take my soul
Its a hell of a habit
So don't get the wrong idea
I did this to myself
I let the demons out and threw away the keys
There's no place for love here
So I numb it, I numb it all
The sadness, the happiness, the pain
I numb them all
I chose the loneliness and it's never left me
I'm losing my mind and I've never felt anything so good
Letting go was the my decison
One that was hard to make but worth it
Drained myself of everything and found contempt with emptiness
Casted away every ounce hope of beacuse I'm tired of lies
No more faking how i feel
No more trying to get away
No more getting caught
This dream keeps getting to me and I'm tired the ****
I've set fire to all the bridges so I have nowhere to go
I did this to myself and I'm satisifed
Parzival May 2020
It helps
It helps to translate the screams of my heart into creative writings
Each line tailored under the supervision of a shrieking soul
Such poor working conditions have become the standard for my mind
I write because, each time I'm here I'm graced with deja vĂș of incredible proportions
I write because...
It helps
It helps because the blood of my bleeding heart make the perfect ink for my pen
So you see, it's not wasted
Each word giving of that red hue that soothes my teary eyes
I take refuge in my own arms, and in these words
I write because there's nothing else I can do in this lonesome chamber i refer to as my life.
Parzival May 2020
Pinned my heart to the floor, no more wandering  for you, Forces gather and feed on it
The other mind deep in me dragged me down to it's level
It never told me i'd be alone
Searching, couldn't find anyone's shoulder
Now I'm colder
I'm tired of hate, also tired of love
Better on my own.
Better off Alone
  May 2020 Parzival
Ally Gottesman
When I was younger, I used to think I was going to be a Star.
Under a spotlight where everyone knew my name...
I was five.

Now, I want shadows and to be as far away as possible.
Hidden and far from consequence,
And even further from myself.
Where my name is not a name,
But just another word without any true meaning.

When I was younger, I used to think I was going to be a Star.
Now, I want to disappear.

I should have jumped overboard when I had the chance.
  May 2020 Parzival
Stephanie Amadio
Where we're lost
and left confused

Where we're drowned
by unending doubts

Where we questioned
our life decisions

Where we live
and sleep normally
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