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Tichozpytec Apr 2021
No matter how dark the night is
And how much Nyx and Erebus attempt to cloud my mind
There’s no reason for me to stop my fight, since
Even these gods of darkness gave birth to two gods of light
Cassia Jackson Oct 2020
I could be your queen,
your starry night,
your midnight world and all the cosmos...
Yet all good things must end.

When the sun rises, I will fade,
disappearing into the dawn.
Weep not, I will return, once night emerges -
and the universe itself will sing.
Jennifer May 2020
clouds tumble gracefully across
the velvety expanse
like some frightening titan
reaching down from
the void of heaven,
blackened and ghostly.

breaking apart and
welding together,
some mighty, sickening
war must be bringing that
chill, that quiver in the air;
storm’s coming.

dark Nyx, my soul trembles
when i think of eternity,
the vastness of beauty and
of trepidation that hang over
our heads like some spinning

i am so afeared i could weep
or dance.
sweet nyx, my goddess of the night.
you are the deity and reminder
that even within abysmal darkness
we are capable of excelling infinite heights.

I will be your muse:
weaving epic tales of love and loss,
depictions of existence
and resplendent, radiant light
as I guide you through this ineffable
journey of tiresome, exuberant life.
June 10th, 2016

a tribute to my goddess of the night.
I am not afraid to show you the beauty of your light.

I love you, nyx stella.

(look guys, it somewhat rhymes! but fear not, I doubt I will ever do it again.)
Cat Luna Jul 2016
You are the darkness that the world fears
You are the entity that gives people tears
You are the sadness, you are the uncertain
You are the doubt, you are the pain
You are the negativity of everyone
You were shunned, you were buried
You were banished to the darkest depth
But my mind, my soul, and my heart knows
That you are more than the monster in the burrows
When they chose to abandon you, I was there
When they chose to judge you, I was there
But a person like me couldn't do anything
Except remember all the things that they were doing
I lost you...
I lost my everything.
But I want every single one of them to recall you every time they look up to the sky
Forgive me if I couldn't let you go completely
But I had to take something from you
A part of you that will always stay in this world from now on...
Your beautiful darkness.
Inspired by Erebus and Nyx's story, only made more dramatic and IDRK. I just wrote it with them in mind.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Nyx my Goddess of the night
Why on me do you put such a plight
With your misty darkened veil brought up from the underworld
Why on me do you place such a scourge
Why do you send your son's of three fates sleep, death, strife and pain
What is it from me you have to gain
Why do you torture me so
Is it something about my soul
Why is it you want me to live this life
In the perpetual darkness of your night
Athina Mitchell Feb 2016

With Both Feet on the Ground

Hello, dear-one.
What say you in this lowly place?

"When twilight traces the terrace,
Touch the torch-sky with the tip of your lip.
               A sweet heat
Will draw your willful mind,
But watch! The torch-sky takes:
               Petals shower
The firelight blaze, like my root vein,
Spills languid and warm across the sky.
               Beauty in elation
               But now breathe out!"


Then Into Deep Water

Say, dear-one,
What's all this now?

"The blue of night is sweeping over the torch-sky,
And shadows steal swiftly as silent silhouettes,
               Come coldly dancing
Do not disdain—dreams form feather-light foam,
And fade heavily in a salt-wash, flooding fervently.
                Covered darkly
                ­Shiver forward
From terrace to sea my foot falls easily.
Then the eerie eels entwine in the brine.
                Feeling supine
                Let the deep creep
                Until next time."


But the Canvas is Brighter Still

Stay awake, dear-one.
Is there not more to tell?

"The search for halcyon has wrought hush-flickers:
Stars  staring brightly stripping night's dark domain.
               Drifting dazedly: humorous
'Theirs is a humming neatly humbling hysterias.'
Whispers Nyx, 'Dwelling hinders what dreaming may fix.'
               Sleeps slips
               Morning stands
Beacon! Bright butterfly, beckon bravery!
Billow boastfully—this day will be mine!
               Keep in mind,
               It's always divine."

Very good, dear-one,
A fine farewell.
Another poem I wrote awhile ago
I, in sorrow forever live and swell.
A thousand pangs and more each hour.
Alone to wait and weep for misery's bell
And bleed in Hell's Stygian bower.

Marred by silence, marred alone,
Obsequies possessed and slighted.
Death in heart, death in home,
But, my love, redemption, sighted.

The beauteous Cherub, me heart adored,
From the arms of Nyx delivered;
My bliss forever with her restored
And from our love, death did slither.
I am wrapped in her algid arms.
I am lost in her evocative glare.
I stand, environed by the Keres,
Those dilapidated demons.

Azrael, my craven shadow, clings
To me as a vulture stalks its prey.
Thanatos does each step possess
Forward into this acidulous air.

Fissured masks release languid screams
That fall upon pallid faces that have
Long since wilted in her Stygian womb.
Enervated laughs drone in mangy ears.

I stand on the periphery of this
Asphyxiating cistern. I ambulate
Across this sable field that shall
Become the executioner’s blade.
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