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your letters, written to coax an empty heart.
an illusion written with dying lead,
begging to fade away.
it is still beautiful, marching in formation
on the loose leaf paper towards the end.
your signature,
which stands to be the only thing left true.
I keep it,
a reminder how lies are beautiful
in your handwriting.
you say, I am too much for you,
similar to never being enough.

I find myself staggered between
the tipping of the scale.
balance is the illusion that
gravity has created to pull you
closer to me.

why must I lose parts of myself
for you to finally see me?
some things are better left unsaid
the piano you played for me
their keys light like the sun
in your eyes gently playing me
a song we wrote between shared cups
of tea, picked flowers in the field
shoved into a pocket always big enough to fit
both of our hands.
love :)
my life line moves across
your chest
your love line inches towards
my lower back
reading your palms
under the thin covers
summer air blows into our hair
permeating the smell
of grass and warm flowers

we embrace
the unknowable future crushed
between our palms.
reminds me of romeo and juliet when they first met, they fell in love through touching their hands.
I know the lingerie is meant to be taken off, but
my nakedness makes my eyes dart quick and
count every hair on my skin.
picking scabs turns into scars that
I have yet to tell you about.
without permission, I close my eyes
as you love me in the dark and
I wonder if you’re counting too.
scared of showing my torn skin
I miss my freedom within your absence,
when I stretched between the memories.
Now I'm stuck between the moments,
my eyes tired from believing
your arms were safe for me to sleep in.
bess goldstein Dec 2019
I know when it is time to turn the light,
blow out the summer candle,
and allow winter its cold overbearing step.
logic and reason reaches my tongue,
the darkness tastes like cold
settling my body in for a long
empty sleep...

I dream of bad decisions between my fingers.
they taste like summer,
and regret
after the mistakes were made.
warmth has made it so easy
to love you in my dreams...

waking up to the cold
is harder than it seems.
is loving you ever logical??? man idek
melody Dec 2019
swallowed by the night
i forgot to say it was good
i’ve been searching for myself
but who i once was is dead
sometimes she cries out from the ashes of my memories
i gotta let her burn
let the world turn
she’ll always have a friend in me
time passes so fast and each moment i learned to cherish because the end is inevitable
everything in hindsight will soon be forgotten
hidden in a trance
i’ll save the last dance for when love finally understands
my wounds yearn for relief
a gentle caress filled with genuineness
i’ve felt the universes kiss before
on my wrists and on my lips
don’t tell me when it’s over
just tap me on the shoulder and wave goodbye
life has always been a “let’s try another time”
hide behind the hours chimes
in the night i forfeit my will to cry
help me find the reasons why my hands can’t grasp the hour glass as before
i watch the specks hit their doom
it’s always a constant rhythm that puts us in a better room
life hasn’t beat me yet
but time has something up its sleeve
as long as i dream a little dream
they can’t catch me
bess goldstein Sep 2019
I had
five fingers.

when we were apart
I searched for you,
but all I found was


why did I ever burn this finger
for someone else?
their love was nothing
but silk to a flame.

now, my love,
what shall I do
when I wish to hold your hand
but my four fingers
are not enough for you?
bess goldstein Aug 2019
we run through life's tunnel--
walls covered in mirrors,
our reflections always on display
for the passersby.

a straight path,
reminding us of our imperfect
until we reach the end--
glass hitting us right in the face.

that's all we see at the end--
and all the people we wished we could be,
replacing our reflection.

in reflections, what we see
is never what we want to be.
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