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Donna Apr 2020
Thank you slow cooker
For cooking all the dinners
I think your awesome

My slow cooker as been a godsend since isolation its been cooking all the family dinners , love it **
Take care be safe x
Donna Apr 2020
Organising tinned
food in kitchen cupboard..found
thirty tins of soup

Well we defo not been bulk buying we just love soup in my house , I thought I organise my food cupboard today was so shocked to find we have 30 tins of soup lol well least we be okay for soup for some time but there is 7 of us living together so maybe not lol
Ambika Jois Apr 2020
We wanted to be left alone,
Now we want company.
We nagged for personal space,
We want to be around many.

Were we made to bond,
Or were we made to detach?
This is the mystery of life,
From Adam and Eve to the latest batch.

We cursed that paradise was lost,
When Adam bit the apple.
How long it is taking us
To restore this planet, is a baffle.

We use up everything earth gives us.
We spare not a single resource.
And now look at us isolating,
Like forbidden prisoners behind trap doors.
Took a walk yesterday. The emptiness inspired me to express a few words into this poem. Do share your thoughts ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
Donna Apr 2020
Pate and crackers
Frothy warm cappuccino
Lovely night indoors

Stay safe everyone itโ€™s so scary whatโ€™s going on at the mo but got to try and stay positive as best we can x  ๐Ÿ’•
Danielle Mar 2020
the trees are burning
and the worlds a turning
toilet paper cannot be found

we're sick of the struggle
we stay in and snuggle
pray we make it safe and sound
i'm scared of a lot rn and how i am going to pay my rent and bills is definitely top of the list as my work has shutdown :( stay safe everyone, wash your hands and stay inside if you can. we all have a part to play.
Unknown Jan 2020
is there something wrong with me?

sometimes I wonder if the reason I have few friends,
is because something is wrong with me.

that people may not like the way
I speak,
or look,
what my interests are
or may just find me annoying.

this feeling causes me to feel as though I am unlikable,
which causes me to feel lonely in this big world we live in.

is there something wrong with me?
why do so many other people have lots of friends?
why am I so unapproachable?
why have I been gifted with the jinx of never having long lasting friends?

is there something wrong with me?
this is something I have been struggling with lots recently. This is for those that look around a huge room and truly realise how lonely they are.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Every day you stay,
it becomes tougher to get out.
Each day you stay,
you become more comfortable with being alone.
With each day your fear grows,
and it becomes harder to take that step.
Each day consumes you,
and you become further away from this world.
So take the chance,
while you still have and
save yourself.
Take the first step,
for now that's all that matters
and the rest will follow.
Nylee Jun 2019
They left me alone
I asked them to leave
They didn't want me
so they did better to forget me.

Nobody returned
to ease my loneliness
I played with my shadows
with dim lights.

Three empty chairs
next to mine
the obvious silence
getting to me.

I wait by the window
Door is slightly opened
but I won't go out.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Look into mine eyes
tell me what thou see

I see a prison, a soul
with hopes of escaping

I see padded walls
with a crazed man aching

I see deep sorrow
a human breaking

I see a gray sky
always raining

I see a husk of skin
eternally forsaking

I see a chasm
forever isolating

I see a mind
always creating
and hating
thy creation

I gazed upon thine eyes
and I saw hell in thy pupils

— The End —