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Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
And when
You are asked
"How old are you?"

My soul is
Much older
Your blood line
Just reply

Just reply
If you don't want to
Still you have to
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Carbon dating
ALK Jul 2018
An invisible column
Of faceless soldiers.
Marching silently,
As if a great spell has been cast upon them.
Stopping only to fire the occasional shot,
Strike down a man who has lived his life
Beholden to their pace,
Their rules,
Their demands.
Moving in perfect,
Cold synchronization.
Each step a deafening tick,
At perfect intervals.
Men will try to flee the column,
They always have.
But there is no escape,
It finds us all,
Wipes us from this earth.
It can’t be harnessed,
It won’t be controlled,
It answers no master.
But with a million faces.
What a beautiful thing time is.
Vexren4000 Mar 2017
The sands flow like salty water,
Down the thin waist to the opposite ends.
Denoting the passage of time, and punctuating it.
In fragments of the beach, and silicon from the earth.
seconds pulsate, from atomic clocks.
Hourglass sands fall and flow into arbitrary heaps.
Ways of chronology
lost to antiquity.
One must ponder,
Did time flow the same,
for humans before the age of automation?

rey Mar 2016
i met someone approximately six years ago
he resembles you so much
i thought you were his brother
he thought i cared about him

the year after that, i got to know someone
but i never got to know him fully
at least not until three years after that
he took long to be understood; but he is

then you thought i would stay by your side
i wanted to, but never did
you're taking long to be understood
and when i thought you are, you aren't

so to answer your question,
i have met thousands of your kind
and have met you for the first time twice
but you, sir, still remain a question for me

— The End —