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EmperorMoth Oct 2018
Stranger, Stranger
Save me today
Please come to me, my love
Stranger, Stranger
For once just stay
It's not fair I'll never get to say

At once some time I've not known you
Yet now we share a bond that's new
A crystallized informality
You've been ingrained into my memory

I saw the somber in your eyes
I could have made you feel alright
I sat silent, composed and shy
You'll never know me, to that I
In every stranger...there is one that'll attract a ghost...
Daniel Ruiz May 2018
Driving you to the spot
Where we met for the first time,
Hiding out the fact
That I still think about you,
I ask “what about you?”
Because I know I’m not good
At lying,
Inside I’m dying,
Waiting for an answer
I will surely detest,
But I can’t really detect
How really kind you are,
Your eyes glow hardships and misery
But they still aren’t looking at me
They look at the fog raining from the sky
While the ground shakes anxiously
I ask again nervously
Without letting me finish
Your answer is just

What I expected.
misty Aug 2017
that's the problem with putting others first
you've taught them that you come second
if not, third
Julie Grenness May 2016
A new babe on the way,
Does she arrive today?
The stork is on standby,
Is she coming down the slide?
A star in heaven's berth,
Winging her way to Earth,
Now an atomic cluster,
Has she got a dust buster?
Her future unplanned,
Soon in Earthling's band,
When is she coming down the slide?
Right now, the stork is on standby!
Feedback welcome.
Grace Jordan Apr 2016
I don't think I could acheive all my dreams if it weren't for you, The one I never expected. I would have feebly fought for them, pined for them, but I don't think I could have gotten myself to a place where I could get them on my fingertips.

I'm going to be an author. I finished a novel, I pushed past my wandering imagination and uncertainty because you made it easier to feel my bones. To do the things that are like breathing for me.

I have a lot of worry in my heart, I always have. I worry about not being good enough or going crazy or about your safety or about the future. I don't know if I've gone madder, but on the precipice of loneliness I am not terrified. I am only wishing us both the best.

I won't see you for four months. Alone that fact makes me miss you already. But I'm not scared about it. You want to build a life with me, and you of all people don't take statements like that lightly. You may be far away but you aren't leaving.

This is a time for both of us to get ready to be the people we want to be. You get to start getting your dreams together. I'm sure as hell going to do the same thing. I cannot wait to show you with my eager little smile how far I'll come in those months. I hope I floor you. I hope you'll love me more than ever. I'm sure I'll feel that way about you.

I don't think I'll ever be that girl who feels releived or settled about being married to the well-off, wicked smart guy. If anything your intelligence makes me feel I need to keep on pushing. I want to be just as rafiant and brilliant by your side, not seem like the lucky trophy wife with the ****.

This summer will grow us. I hate to have us grow so much apart, but its how it is and we, ever adaptable and strong, will manage. I'm sure skype will be our ally.

But only with you, and I hope you feel similar with me, that we can be this grand together and have the sort of life that we could only dream of. We can have a life that neither of us never realized could be so insane and wonderful all at once without the other. I don't think I've ever been a better version of myself than I have with you. I'm stronger and I'm responsible and I'm willing to do stupid, crazy things to work towards all my hopes and dreams come true. I'm still so crazy but it doesn't matter to you. God, I ******* love you.

I cannot wait for the grand together life we will have. Only a few whiles until we get there. One summer, then some time together. Then my final semester as you get things ready in our new world and then...

Well then hopefully that grand together never needs to be forced apart again.
Grace Jordan Dec 2015
Winter seems to pull us together, doesn't it, love? Its as if the times things seem to want to pull us apart we get stronger.

Last winter, I gave you my heart, and you haven't left since. This year it seems my cautionary head, always so untrusting of itself and others, has decided of one certain thing: it wants to spend forever with you.

Its funny to me, how I never go all googlie-eyed as my high school friends always told me it would be. They would ooh and ah over some boy, and I'd always roll my eyes. I always thought such cooing was silly. Their bitter response was often that I didn't understand, and once I really loved someone I'd feel the same.

But now here I sit, more certain than anything that I love you more than anyone else. And you know what I'm doing? I'm not cooing, I'm not boasting of your infinite wonder. I'm not getting at all googlied-eyed.

I'm sitting here shaking my head, laughing to myself, as if to say "****."

****, I did not know it would be like this. That you would be like this. That there could be rhythm and method to an unpredictable, spontaneous, messy relationship. That I would feel more connected and in sync with you than I feel adoration or reverence. You're not some hunky guy in third period, you're basically just the best tumor I've ever gotten attached to my hip. A tumor that I'm better off keeping.You make me better. And I, you.

They were right, I don't understand. But not because I don't how to love, its because that's not how I love. I love in nose kisses and **** grabs, in steamy texts and playful jabs at your brilliance. And yes, by god, you are brilliant. But I don't worship you. I just wish to be able to fall asleep to your face and stand by your side.

And those googlie-eyes are in no way how you love either. You don't rub my feet and call me princess. You kiss me hard and tickle my neck, read my writing and break me down when I'm irrational. But you do love me, still. You love me in the way that you try to understand and not be so stubborn. You love me in the way that you sing to me when I'm moody. And my favorite way you love me is the hand across the table when I'm fighting the tears I never want to let fall down my face.

Love isn't just about adoration and attraction and compatibility. Yes, we are attracted to each other, admire each other, and are compatible enough. But I guess our best asset is how stubborn we are to keep on loving each other that gets us through. And I think that's my favorite way we love each other entirely.

Maybe love works different for other people, and I'm fine with that. But these winters just seem to show me that we're different. We both know we've always been different. You're the lonely genius and I'm the unstable creative. But I help make you less lonely, and you help make me more stable.

And now I find it hard to picture a day without you.

So winter distance may keep us apart, but I think I've learned by now its going to take a lot more than a little distance to tear us apart. Or maybe its just the stubborn in me saying so.

Regardless, I hope the stubborn in you thinks so too.
Hannah Holliday Nov 2015
I never expected for this to happen
I promise to you it wasn't my intention
I loved you more than I loved myself
So when you snapped I feel down as well.
Neex May 2015
Told them not to,
Said it hurt me when they did it,
Begged them not to,
Gave a speech even.

Though I never thought,
The most stubborn person i know,
Would want to do it,
She's hard to restrain.

But she promised,
And now she's got staetler ink on her wrist,
Lines of red,
The stitches.

Never thought her pain could get this real,
I care alot,
I try,
But she always hurts.

Never thought the speaker,
Would need a speech,
Never thought this girl,*
**Would be me.
What a suprise...
WistfulHope Nov 2014
I am darkness, I am fright
The deep blackness of the night
Nothing seen, nothing heard
Unpopular thoughts, my spoken words
Invisible until you feel my stab
Don't play games with me, I'm a match to be had
What the hell am I doing?
Words are so complicated.
I don't know what this is.
Just pretend it's not here,
shhh, now.
Rockie Nov 2014
I'm still expected to turn,
And see your face,
Wherever I am,
Wherever you go,
Wherever you stand,
I'm still expected to think of you,
And what I did,
Reminded each and every day,
Of what I was expected to do,
To not do,
To be the perfect little girl,
Who loved,
Who cleaned,
Who was expected only speak when spoken to,
But what if I was expected to rebel?
To be the bad little girl that society wanted me to be?

— The End —