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Ceyhun Mahi Mar 2018
A ngel
U nique
D ainty
R ighteous
E legant
Y ears

H eroine
E loquent
P riceless
B eautiful
R ise
N oble
A tribute.
Miss Clofullia Feb 2017
Not being able to decide between
is not a real problem, my friend!

The hardness of life begins
when you meet


have you seen
They might have changed their phone number.
Thomas Newlove Nov 2016
The more he thought about it, the more Audrey she became, until her class, grace, breathtaking good looks and her smile were just cinematic.
Thomas Newlove Nov 2016
Now it dawned on him why he couldn't get his mind off her. She had that Audrey Hepburn air and like Roman Holiday he just couldn't look away
jdotingham Apr 2016
And if i'm james dean then you're audrey hepburn
And if you dare smile then I swear I will die
You dug under my persona
My leather Jacket and cigerettes
And I hate you for it that's why

But at the end of it all your still my love
And if you dare leave then I swear I will die
I put on a persona
Of leather Jacket and cigerettes
It would help if I hated you that's why

I don't want any kind of love any more

Your not mine
Your not beautiful anymore
But till the end of time
Our legacy will be adored

— The End —