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Seanathon Apr 2017
As I lay down here beside you
I will pull you in tight
And set your head upon my shoulder
To rest your fears for the night

And soon we'll venture on a journey
To somewhere only we know
We'll visit many distant galaxies
Where no one else goes

And then I'll tell you that I love you
Without saying a word
As if my holding you in silence
Showed my love as a verb

And yet within this perfect moment
There is silence between
With only heartbeats in the dark
To prove our souls aren't asleep

So would you speak to me in silence
Using those lovely eyes
Because I want to share my secrets
Which I've hidden inside

And as I hold you I'll be waiting
Hoping that you have heard
Because true love is beyond feeling
And we do not need words
Here Beside You is a classic verse I wrote back in my PoetryFreak days. Miss that site.... Meh... Kinda.... LOL.
Seanathon Apr 2017
It’s that moment in the parking lot
When you realize that it’s all over
That the end is here
Your future is near
And your present surroundings will not always be
I never really tell the backstory behind verses. And there is a reason for that. Sometimes I don't really want to own to it or take the time to explain the situation in its fullness (so as to do it justice). But I'll oblige here.

This one is about the end of an era. That moment when you realize something is over. High school, college, a sports venue, a relationship, a job, or whatever it may be. It's that awkward intersection which can either appear promising or terrifying. The future unknown and all of your old comfortable memories stretched out behind you.

I wrote this verse with a particular location in mind. A particular time. Back when I wasn't aware that all good things must come to an end.

And the world fell to knees
seeking grace how
our love proceeds
Everyone shouting big
their mouths
either revolution
either crise
I was thinking to write of life, I donot prefer to be categorized
Meryl Streep

'Twas was kind to me once Golden Globe
where her platitude slightly disingenuous
while her free spirit inside of me spoke
though she'd wander in spite of an Edsel
'twas driven in wake of free speech
and determined to die forthwith misery in chocolate.
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
What an era to be alive
When people take spacedives
When scientists engineer better crops like golden rice
When politicians deny the melting of polar ice
When internet surveillance is coming to a peak
When we find answers that took so long to seek
This new era's fashions are young and old
In the face of adversity, protesters become bold
More and more we see environmental protection
And people from all over are making connections
As cities grow with a young world population
We find ourselves perplexed about infrastructure for most nations
Sometimes it seems like nothing changes at all
Then it seems like a revolution from the great to the small
In Dicken's words "it was the best of times
It was the worst of times", but there's plenty of material for a poet's rhymes
Alan S Bailey Aug 2016
Here we are! The best of the worst.
When even fun becomes a chore,
Where rich people meet both triumph
And truth which were pre-made in store.

You can look at it right or look at it wrong,
This "winning new era" or what we're told all along,
We started out "regulated" and "anti-gun tries to steal all,"
But in the end you know assault rifles are of "great use"
In the mall. So we're all in the latest greatest time,
All of this madness and work to keep us all in line,
Where vagabonds are great and kings are low,
This time when the "saints" are actually lower than slime.
There shall come a day, I know not when, when this little
"Special" time shall be known as the abomination of men!
Julie Grenness Jul 2016
This is a tale of a world reborn,
Beautiful ways of life to form,
After global warming,
Comes an Ice Age dawning,
Then an aeon of floods,
To wash away our crud,
Geographic cycles, yes,
We're all in an age, I guess,
Who shall survive,
Of species still alive?
An ancient Planet Earth,
Always reborn, a vast girth,
This is a tale of a world reborn,
And beautiful ways of life to form!!
Feedback welcome.
Jake Griffith Apr 2016
lingering on the
outermost surface of
my fingers,
nothing new.
coming of age
in an era
of grease, oil
the third wave,
followed by
a tsunami,
soon to come,
earthquakes are
too prevalent
for this not to be.

my hands will soon
be washed clean of
the sin that was placed
on them,
--not on
my own accord,
but on theirs.
Mario Cervantes Apr 2016
Your cutting through my flesh like Thunder and lightning cuts through the sky
Splitting apart  the night as my mind takes flight my heart asks why
Should you complain about fire when your holding water do you like the pain
Oh is it because you wear a chain of rain so heavy it hurts your brain
To Water-down your regrets with tears and the metal to keep you from escaping
Through this whole that is gaping but you're too busy on your knees scraping
The thoughts that linger like why did I put a ring on her finger
Love as a brother or hate has a sister either way you're a sinner
Bound by faith to follow the same trail of tears of those before you
Listen to my words don't let them fool you let them free you
And rest in peace in loving memory of a broke mentality
Rewriting history in hopes we create a more just society
In which our children and children's children could be happy
Cause were in a pivotal moment in time so don't get sloppy
Because you freestyle the present but then forget to plan the future
I refuse to do nothing as my people get butchered so here's my signature
It doesn't matter what place you're in today it's about what place you finish
And when they take your money remember your soul will not diminish
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