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evolove Jun 2020
Life is but a spectral of lite. Only you have the ability to illuminate Darkness..
evolove Feb 2020
What washed up on shores was hopeless. What washed up on shores took the earth and shook it to the core then made it motionless. Now the lands where the ocean is. And it's filled with saturn worshippers.
My home of eden, abused and beaten. Over a couple free men. When there's nothing to breath in, maybe they'll see then. A scilloet left of their own de-mons. Some self reflection of a heathen.
Maybe in death is healing...?
evolove Sep 2019
What's mine is yours. From the *** of coffee on the stove to the money in my pocket. I don't need it anymore. What's mine is yours. Let your satin dress drop down to the floor so i can take whats mine because mine is yours. The kiss from lips stick deep in my soul where I allow no one to go. Your heart is home. Unstoppable accomplishing the impossible when our two brains storm. so what's mine is yours.
evolove Sep 2019
They tell you to eat your wheaties and respect the kings and queens you only see on t.v. or in the bed with teenies. While these pigs devour our flesh their eating.  We starve and march to the drumbs their beating. We tried to find meaning through a church preaching freedoms. But While they built warships, we were chasing imaginary demons, out of lands to this day we still think were freeing. Instead of breaking bread to figure out the reasons. We build walls like the rest of the world aint humans.  Are we looking through the lens, because i cant seem to find any truemen.  This aint a movie, I know what moves me, and it will never be pre-tend. I care not what your creed defines, your needs are mine. And unlees we stand together we'll never be freemen. Believe me now, dont believe me when, theres nothing left to believe in man.

The prison is your misery, unless your adolescents is at the hands of bill and hillary.  The only statute we have is a lady burning liberty. The corruptions is tyranny. So, when they try to analyze me its mirroring. Liquidity. The reflections on the waters is not you literally. But your vehicles effects across this plain are rippling consistently. Deliberately conditions are visibly indignity towards our self esteem. We all live behind a screen invisibly, you dont see the Brilliancy we recieved after eve's temptation of the tree. Saturns sycle grazed scicily. So *** was sold openly in the streets.  His story secretly on repeat. Shiva, kundalini, the eye opening. Idiocracy. Love whats at your feet. Gia gave you everything you need.  One day you will be free. This is all a very complex dream. oxygen needs blood to stream. All Hues are beautiful under the rays the sunlight beams
evolove Sep 2019
She was beautiful like sunny weather, and had dreams of marrying a king who understood the value of true treasure. She had no father and he knew just how to make her better.
So, he grabbed his shield and umbrellas. and wrote her his love anonymously in love letters. He cheese'd her up, and lived off very little Cheddar.
She fell in love, before she knew forever, but that's ok because he knew just how not to sweat her. When she needed hugs, his fur was her sweater.
He'd work hard in the field. so, she showed him godly pleasure.
Their love was impregnable, impossible to measure.
Like the sun and the earth, ment to be Together.
Mentally could sustain any atmospheric pressure.
In a universe unimaginable intertwined and happily tethered.
evolove Sep 2019
Your the little garden where all good thing grown.  At the top of your crown is an aurora of gold. Like origami, I want to know the complexity of every fold. Together we can map out destiny and aspire for goals. We can gap all bridges so, we never wear the toll. We can live remote so we're in complete control, over everything except the seasons as they go. We can breathe new souls or, we can have nothing and be beautiful.

Your eyes smile like two crescent moons, and your skin glows like Sahara desert dunes. No need for rings when relics only ruin,
Ive been a student to stupid.  And Youve more than proven , your the only human. I cant lose.
evolove Apr 2019
You could be the sun or, the sky that holds the moon. You could be that late bloomer in June. You can grow old in a fountain of youth. You could outwit the world and steal it's fruit or, you could be influence.

Our minds have struck an absence of freedom. You can't find you, because your a shell of the idols you believe in. Ideas are blossoms of thoughts and they grasped your opinion to harvest a season. Vampieric, society ******* leeches. Impeachment is weak, when it doesn't take a genius to see how they handle a slain princess in the streets. The Media's in the pyramid scheme of things, owned by fear mongoring kings.  Who steal from the poor. Countries of religion they've  torn. Aboriginal decimated, made alcoholics and forced. To grow in an artificial environment. Black face worn. Disney scores off making virgins ******. Our hard money pours, into fighting Israeli wars. Maybe this world needs to be torched.
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