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Amanda Jul 2019
You can take selfish reasons
Inflated ego and and your pride
Keep trying in vain to convince yourself
What you did was justified

You can have your version of right and wrong
Can keep your judgmental attitude
You think you are better off alone
I hope you enjoy your solitude

I do not need your conceited point of view
Your condescending advice
All you do is make me cry
Don't want to repeat the same story twice

I wish I understood what happened
You once loved me but that was before
You were my entire universe
Now you aren't worth my time anymore
I like it. Written so long ago I hardly remember writing it tbh.

The Vault Apr 2019
Was it all fake?
Every hug,
Every kiss,
Every I love you,
Every I miss you?

Was it all fake?
Cause throwing me to the side made it feel like it.
Cause you **** don't miss me.
I guess it was all fake
And I can't help but cry about it.
Just got tears to get out and thought to throw out there.
I was left broken again.
two relationships in a row.
why do I trust so easily?
all you do is crush me into little glass pieces in your hands.
at least this time there was someone to pick up the pieces.
I should just stop falling in love.
but I can't.
I can already feel myself begin to fall again.
Laura Mar 2019
I want you to know
That I'm the best
You'll ever have
Because not many
Could put up
With your *******
Your indecisiveness
Your inattentive responses
Your tired love making
Your hurtful jokes
Your empty love

Move on fast
Move on slow
Search high
Search low
I'll still be
The ******* best
You ever had
And that's
Your cross
To bear
Because I'm still
The best
And you're just alone

Lost without me
Without my love
Without my lips
Without everything
That makes me
The best you've
Ever had
Amanda Feb 2019
When we met everything was incredible
Nothing ever stays the same
Loved ones always change over time
We have only ourselves to blame

It is never easy to move on
Never simple to let go
It is hard to give you up because
You are the only guy I really know

It hurts so bad I cannot even explain
How worthlessly empty you make me feel
I want to wake up tomorrow
And find out none of this is real
I read this and can now see the subtle hints that this was not true love at least now how I've come to know it six years after writing this.
keinxwx Oct 2018
"Tell me a creepy and horrific statement." I said.

"I don't like you and I don't love you!" he answered bitterly and I was horrified for that earth shocking revealation.
What on earth is this?
kerri Aug 2018
we broke up months ago

it was inevitable,
three adults with two babies?
two adults with serious mental issues?
it couldn’t have healthily worked out

we broke up months ago

you faked a suicide attempt for attention,
we were so ******* worried,
you were our foundation,
that should’ve been a sign

we broke up months ago

i did the best i could do,
my best didn’t live up to your standards,
so you left,
i was in charge of the house

we broke up months ago

i lived a few weeks in your shoes,
barely saw or talked to you,
i couldn’t handle that,
you wrecked me

we broke up months ago

i couldn’t do it all by myself especially in my condition,
I couldn’t live in your house without you there,
i didn’t think we’d end up hating each other,
but i left

we broke up months ago

i didn’t think we’d end up hating each other,
you badmouthed and lied about me,
completely disregarded everything i did for you,
all so you could keep your victim complex

i became free months ago
Poetic T Jul 2018
You looked at me father, weren't my
eyes the reflection of yours, did I not
     smile in glazed view at the words
misunderstood but still a vibration
of what I heard in the womb of mother.

Yet, just because I'm not of male,
                        but female without my choosing
you want me to be just a memory.
Like a conception of love was voided
                         at the moment of my birth.

Woven in a blanket, angers voiced echoed
              I felt the taste of the air linger in
distasted tears as mother picked me up.
            kissing my lips, her tears of
                        pain and regret I could taste.

But father had me now, I was in the cold
             I felt his love dissipate.
             Silence was his voice now.
Not even a gentle goodbye,
but like yesterdays newspaper discarded.

Tears cradled my face, not understanding
             why this cold night grasped at me
more lovingly than fathers last embrace.
My expressions silenced as I ran out of tears.

I heard a mumbled voice,
                           not of father or mother.
But a gentle one of age, more secure in
the visible definition that I was a girl.
Holding me tightly, I heard others words.
I wasn't alone any longer, but what was my fate.

My daddy, told me the tale of my birth,
           and the implications of what back
then seemed like weakness.
But I have shown the world, that no matter
your gender it still has equal worth.

The past is a scar that still hurts,
        Never knowing my true family,
if they could ever have been called that.
But this family, this gentleman and my
        my loving mother, kept me warm.

Now I'm older, old mistakes of culture
        and religion are melding with modern
society, no longer are girls left to fend alone.
We are seen through eyes of love and compassion.
Not through the eyes of an abandonment of love.
arra Jun 2018
The night sky is full of stars
Just like my mind that are full of thoughts—
About me, about you, about us
But the thoughts wasn't what I like
But, the memories we shared.
Like the sun, as it sets into night
My feelings was also fading, loosing
And somehow, I like it.
To breathe again back to life
That is what I wish for
I'm glad, it is happening.
This piece was also written three years ago after I was dumped by my crush. Yup, I really got hurt and made this one wishing I will be moved on with him and Hooray! After I wrote this one, I'm finally done with him! But still, whenever I see or hear his name I became dumbstruck again. Whuuut?!
P.S. It is wrong to say I have a crush on him because I'm so into him. He' s my first love I guess.
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