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  2d Regina
Rained tears..
When I was in pain..
She wanted to whisper
"You are not alone,***"
Once, as I was sad, I saw the gloomy sky crying along with me!
That really cheered up my mood as the feeling of loneliness drifted away and replaced by the fact that the universe is always there with me!
Many times, just looking at the outside world,the sky, the nature have helped me to heal my pain.
Stay safe, everyone!
Thanks for reading:)
Lots of love to all of you♥
  2d Regina
Lure Pot
Let Your name be safe
in my heart always
Let my eyes run down
with tears for You my God!

I'll always remember you
in my youth
I'll always bow down
to you on earth
Lord, let me hold the truth.

My sins will make an ocean
if I get them together,
Please be kind oh Creator
and forgive me forever!
Let me read Your Book
every morning, my Lord!

I want to be a good person
with full faith in You,
Let me stay on the right path
with peace and love, O My God!
  2d Regina
Dreams are the world of our own
With a tinge or even a lot of nightmare which is well known
Life or living is nothing without
Adventure dark days and nightmares
At times dreams are so sweet
That the taste buds goes wrestling
And nostrils go dangling and juggling
Good night everyone....
Sweet dreams
  2d Regina
The day betrays again,
Pallor crawls over my entirety
Mirrors are no longer the truth
Ashen grey swallows the only moon

My blood rejoices
My tainted, traitorous blood,
Your blood.
Cascading through my veins

Fated to this murk,
Shackled to your presence
Fading into a daze, slowly,
As frost singes this dread

This will not be my ruin,
I will decide my own doom
This curse shall be undone!

O Count De Ville
My dagger shall impale your heart!

-Mina Harker
For the BLT and Thomas W Case challenge

Mina Harker, female protagonist of the novel- Dracula, along with her friends plots against Dracula. Knowing their plans, Dracula bites Mina three times and also makes her drink his blood as a revenge giving him access to her thoughts and ensuring her fate as a vampire should she die,  due to which she switches back and forth between consciousness and a trance-like state. Van Helsing, Dracula's arch-nemesis, uses this link to his advantage by hypnotizing Mina to find and destroy Dracula.
My poems are like

Only some are

but all float
in the air
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