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Leal Knowone Jun 2019
by love you were made, and by hate you are destroyed
mystery and misery in lies, trivialities of realities demise.
The purifier of your dreams is soon to be deployed
a child of serpent and men, I will rise in due time
Know your light will go as dim as the rest in due time
what’s worse than death
is not living life

we are eaten by the
trifling technicalities,
like rabid weasels
and assimilated into
the void of non-existence

and when the day comes
that our hair
has all turned grey
there will be nothing left
to die inside our hollow shells

death is not the end

but the beginning

our lives are just the preface
and we tend to skip over it
just to get to the good stuff

so when death
comes knocking
at your door with
a singing telegram

she’ll be disappointed

— The End —