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Cassia Lione Sep 2019
Dripping skies, cold as ice
The trees of silver, roads alike
The world is clean and bright as stars
Blood washed away, we see but scars

Tears untouched, lost in love
Heartbreak before the morning dove
In darkness rain falls from her eyes
It heals her wounds so she might fly
I was thinking... though I guess perhaps that's already dangerous enough.
Cassia Lione Sep 2019
writing is tiring
and ******
when we write with our hearts
why keep writing, then?
let me sink to
the bottom
of this
writing....grave... wave? dave. certainly dave.
Cassia Lione Sep 2019
What if my fingers weaved a trail
Somewhere lost within your hair
The fear, the anger in your heart
My love, we'll turn it into art...

What if I draped my arms around
Your heavy laden shoulders
The burden there, would it remain?
One kiss, and I'd steal it away...

What if I trailed my fingernails
Like roadmaps down your back
Scars from those who hurt you, love
I would heal them with but a touch...

What if I kissed your neck like mist
Which breathes and twists and coils
The pain of anguished, desperate nights
To flee from flames I would ignite...

What if I ran my lips, my hands
From your collar to your waist
Healing wounds like arrows pierced
With a passion searing and fierce...?
du du du...?
Cassia Lione Sep 2019
I notice everything...

From the tilting of your voice
That renders me no choice
To the way you're only close
When how far my travel goes

I notice everything...

How your words get real pretty
Cutting words are only kidding
Just how confident you are
That I'll try to heal your scars

I notice everything...

Knowing life will shape your tongue
Whisper, "I'm the only one"
Tell me I'm not good enough
Tell me, is it lust or love?

I notice everything!

I feel it and I see it all
And still I make my choice to call
My eyes from their keen sight at all
I will not see a single fault.
Do. Not. Make. My. Mistake.
Cassia Lione Sep 2019
I've imagined this a thousand times

The way I'll whisper that you're mine

How my lips will brush your ear

How you'll drag me ever near

You'll trail a hand along my waist

Gift me that kiss that I misplaced

Then run your thumb along my jaw

You're mine, my love, so we won't fall...
Cassia Lione Sep 2019
I sing our old songs and forget that you've gone

I tell our sweet story and remain ever strong

I search for you forever, in pictures and poems

Remember my voice and the words we'd had stolen

Too often I write for the sake of my ghosts

Too often I draw for what I miss the most

A tribute to you who I once held so close

That I lost to the seas as I swam to the coast
I'm so done writing for ghosts.
Cassia Lione Sep 2019
You're a wonder and a dream
With that voice like silver ice
Searing fire along my back
Just like a dreamlike vice

You're so real and yet so false
And I dare not touch your face
As my wonder and my lover
Is too lost to be embraced

So here I sit with lonesome tune
Humming light with winter breath
Wishing I might see you soon
Clinging to the things you said
Wrapped in a winter sweater, looking to a lonely sky.
The night is ice but thoughts of you are brighter than any light.
Cassia Lione Sep 2019
If only the world could see me through my own eyes
How pretty I would be
Du du du...
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