III 21h
Or so they say,
Is blurring the lines
Between heaven and hell
And losing yourself
In the static fog
Of ambiguity.
III 1d
I can feel myself slipping again
And I'm so tempted
To let myself fall.
III 2d
Is it a coincidence
That all my favorite songs
Remind me of you?
III Apr 15
I've seen the sun,
It's shimmery glow,
And felt it's warmth too,
And yet,
I still swim deeper,
Without knowing why this
Is what I do.
III Apr 15
This morning
I woke up
Next to a stranger,
And when I found myself
Picturing your face
Instead of hers
I'm not sure if
I was more
Or relieved
When I felt exactly the same.
III Apr 12
It's so much more
Than the daffodil sunrise
Exhaling puffed purple trails of smokey
Cotton ball clouds
Reflected across the stitches
Of your hazel-green iris
That captures my attention so,
And refuses to return
My breath you've stolen.
III Apr 9
It was last night,
To feel your cracked hand
Resting gently in my own,
The hum of your voice
Tied down an octave
Lower with a deary,
Flowery rasp escaping
The curve of your lips
So soft in the occasional
Murmur of streets lights
Winking past our speeding car,
The way your head
Fell cocked to the side,
Nuzzled in the knitted fibers
Of some patterned scarf
Draped around your neck,
It was last night
As I felt your fingers
Intertwine with my own
That I felt at home
In a world that spins
So fast,
So without worry,
Now, as do I.
"Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
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