III Nov 30
She compared me
To the sun,

And I felt nothing
But warmth

So it must be true.
III Nov 28
And I'll forever affirm
There is no greater beauty
     Than the heavy silence
That accompanies the stagnant hymn
     Of a humble snowfall,
Bright against the murmuring
     Hum of a shadowy winter's night,

The world spinning slow,
     Frosty and quiet,
     Encased in white.
III Nov 15
If I could freeze time,
Cease it's pass like the flow
Of a frosted over brook,
I'd find solace in the
Radiant warm of your embrace,

And I'd squeeze your hand
Tightly enough to feel
Our hearts beat against
Each other in the pulse
Of the veins of our fingers,

And we'd stare to the nighttime heavens,
It's inky blackness only rivaled
By the sleek straight of
Your hair I so adore
To tangle my hands in,

And the night sky would be
Spattered with illuminating dots
Burning silently in their stillness
Somewhere in the infinity
Of the cosmos,

And though they be
Millions, billions, trillions
Of miles away,
I look to your eyes
Shimmering in the basking moon,
And find an infinity
All our own,
Bundled up beside me
In the brisk hum of an unmoving night.
III Oct 25
it's a late night drive
down a foggy street,
completely empty and
illuminated by the
soft glowing sign of an
underhead street light.  

neon juice
flows through your veins.  
the world
forgets how to spin.  
the trees
are still and
the engine roars.  

everything falls into place for someone.
III Oct 23
With her hair
     Like the midnight Sky
And her eyes
     Gray as the hanging Moon

She told me I was bright like the Sun
     And I wished to create
A solar system together,
     Without any space between our orbits.
III Oct 2
My car has been making
     Strange, clunky sounds,

So I turn up the music
     Until the bass smothers the concern.
III Sep 29
Curled up together
On your couch,
Our hands intertwined,
Our backs
Against the hollow hum
Of Halloween's breeze
Lingering through
Dancing drapes
With dizzy dips
Before the cracked-window audience,

And the sun playfully peaked
Over the graceful dying trees
That lined suburban streets,
Looming over pumpkin
Patterned leaves, basked in
The approaching gloom of

And while the night
Tied that present to this memory,
I remember the scruff of your
Auburn hair against my nose,
The bewitching draw of
Some vague fragrance
My addict lungs yearn to
Breath once more,

And now,
With each passing October,
Autumn leaves never seem more alluring.
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