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riri Jan 2022
was it toxic of me to expect you to fight for me?
i left because i knew the version of you i thought you were, didn't exist
but i can't wrap my head around the fact that that will be the last time we speak
a simple 3 minute call

the silence was so loud
you said nothing, you didn't even ask why
as if you wanted me gone already
i wish things had gone differently
oh well..
riri Dec 2021
stuck in an endless cycle of criticism
just to avoid the mere idea of being hurt
the idea of letting someone fully into my heart, just to take another piece of it away?
it's something my mind and heart cannot fathom yet again

is my judgement something that can be seen as egotistical?
funny how i hate myself so much, yet try to hold you to such a high standard
but i know love cannot be formed in this manner
love isn't about changing someone into what you want
but rather about accepting and loving them for who they are

my mind judges the immaturity you have, like any other teenage boy
or the way you aren't my ideal person, academically
yet i admire the way you talk about your passions
or how you kiss me until i feel okay again
maybe that's what matters more
maybe you're not my ideal person but you sure as hell make me feel safer than any other ever has
Azelea Vaiphei Aug 2020
Love scares me
You reveal parts of me that recklessly try to hide in plain sight
But you are so soft
Pure laughter from your lips
Your eyes forgive my mistakes so easily
I don’t know how to hide

Life is sweeter with you
Like the sweetness you taste from honey
In the warmest and richest way possible
Nourishment for the soul
Unlike the sweetness from plain sugar
Forcefully sweet and cold
An antidote rather than an elixir

Your words caress me
Like the wind blowing the washed clothes dry
Sunlight dripping in every thread woven
The faint scent of detergent smiling
Unlike the loud laundry dryers
Buzzing with wrath and fury
Demanding the water to vanish at once

I like your smile that brings your whole face together
Almost like how pizza is made complete with spread and toppings
It’s beautiful but satisfying  
Cherry on top of the cake
It makes my heart flutter and melt
Like cheese dripping out from yummy corn dogs
Messy but so so lovely

I love everything about the way it is with you
Head to toe
Limbs to fingers
Lips to chin
A portrayal of being in love with a person .
Skyler Ruen Jul 2020
she kissed him under no roof,
no thoughts could spring to mind
no code, no written proof
she told him she’s undefined
دema flutter Apr 2020
For then a lost wanderer approaches ,
locks his hand in mine,
and as he trembles in nerves,
he promises to save me
from anything
Nie Feb 2019
its true
I text you when im bored
I call you when im bored
I ask to hang out with you when im bored
I miss you when im bored
I think about you when im bored

But i don't need to be bored to do all of this

I just wanna text you all the time
I just wanna call you all the time
I wanna ask you to hang out all the time
I miss you all the time
And thats the truth.
Mihle Mdashe Jan 2019
Hi, I'm Mihle. My favourite colour is blue and I love my peace and quiet. I'm not a picky eater but I like eggs, raisins and Mac & cheese. I suffer from insomnia but I'm working on that. I've got a big head and a really big heart. I'm an introvert; I like being alone, but when you're here I'm pretty sure I'll gladly share my space and thoughts.  I love being indoors, but I'd love to go out with you. I hate crowds but I'd go to a crowded place with you. Yes I like my peace and quiet, but I don't mind the noise if it's with you.  I'm more vulnerable than I'd like to admit. I spend most of my days in my head, making up scenarios about anything. I replay the past every so often, probably the cause of my anxiety. I hate feeling like disturbance to others ,but I like being thought of. I've had no luck with love, I always ended up hurt. So I'm just praying you're not like the rest of them, I pray that you'll be able to stay with me at my worst and at my best. I struggle with my self-esteem; some days I'm confident as **** but on other days I can't look at my self in the mirror. I've come across happiness but it never lasts. Sometimes I can't get out of bed but on other days I'm all about having fun. I'm complicated for no reason but maybe you'll take the decision to love me for me. I just want to feel close to you, you're who I dream of. I just want to co-exist with you, love you in different ways. I want you to know my love in different languages . I want to make romantic scenarios about us. Show me who you are, show me your demons cause believe it or not I'll fight them with you and vice versa. I'll reveal all my scars to you and still feel close to you. If we ever decide to be one, I need you to decide on me and not take a chance, but decide you'll love me for all I am because quite frankly I'm tired of always being an option. I'm tired of being left behind when the next best thing comes along! Let's decide to love one another. Let's stick around to learn one another, know every detail about our personas' cause you'll be the most beautiful human I've ever laid eyes on. As I said, I'm complicated for no reason but if you're willing to figure me out; go ahead. In the end you'll see I'm just like everyone else, trying to figure things out. Know that if you were next to me right now, I'd wrap my arms around your waist and attempt to melt into your figure. If you were here right now, I'd introduce you to the world I've been living in and invite you to be a part of it. I don't know where you are or when I will meet you, but I'm just hoping; when you see me,you'll feel me too.
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