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Azelea Vaiphei Aug 2020
Love scares me
You reveal parts of me that recklessly try to hide in plain sight
But you are so soft
Pure laughter from your lips
Your eyes forgive my mistakes so easily
I don’t know how to hide

Life is sweeter with you
Like the sweetness you taste from honey
In the warmest and richest way possible
Nourishment for the soul
Unlike the sweetness from plain sugar
Forcefully sweet and cold
An antidote rather than an elixir

Your words caress me
Like the wind blowing the washed clothes dry
Sunlight dripping in every thread woven
The faint scent of detergent smiling
Unlike the loud laundry dryers
Buzzing with wrath and fury
Demanding the water to vanish at once

I like your smile that brings your whole face together
Almost like how pizza is made complete with spread and toppings
It’s beautiful but satisfying  
Cherry on top of the cake
It makes my heart flutter and melt
Like cheese dripping out from yummy corn dogs
Messy but so so lovely

I love everything about the way it is with you
Head to toe
Limbs to fingers
Lips to chin
A portrayal of being in love with a person .
Skyler Ruen Jul 2020
she kissed him under no roof,
no thoughts could spring to mind
no code, no written proof
she told him she’s undefined
دema flutter Apr 2020
For then a lost wanderer approaches ,
locks his hand in mine,
and as he trembles in nerves,
he promises to save me
from anything
Litzy Sep 2019
I loved you
past tense

I read in a Pinterest post that you have three loves in your lifetime
the childhood one that can be interpreted as a strong crush,
the hard one that teaches you lessons,
and the one that stays in your life forever
when I first thought if I had already had my first love,
my mind automatically flew to you

I loved you
you were my ray of sunshine
your eyes were the same color as the lake that we allow to cover our bodies in the summertime
somedays you were all that I could think of
you intoxicated my life in a way that wasn’t dangerous
every time I saw you it was another shot of capri sun that took the sugar straight in my system
at the time I did not realize it
but it was because I loved you

the first love seems harmless
and it usually is
when I realized that I had been in love it felt like a bee sting
it hurt a bit but it wasn’t too bad
I ****** it up like when I had actually gotten stung by a bee

in movies there is usually a character that falls in love and everything is lovely, luscious, and easy
but this was not that
at first I felt regret
because I had not told you about it sooner
I had said that I liked you
but I never said I loved you
because love is far stronger than like and I just thought that it was all in my head
but no
I was in love with you
for two years I saw you and instead of doing anything I only fell in love with you harder
and it seems childish
and that is why I haven’t told you
sometimes people don’t even realize that they had been in love as a child until they contemplate about it later in life
the first love introduces you to the possibilities of love in life
and trust me
I loved you

it wasn’t until the most recent time that i saw you when I realized that I loved you
when you had your arm across my shoulder I realized that I felt safer having it there
I was happy
but I saw you walk across the stage
I saw you graduate
and I saw myself moving on

I loved you
past tense

I still remember the first time I saw you
we were at orientation
and maybe you were looking at me or past me but I still remember you sitting there
very nervous
other people could see us getting together in the future
the fact that others could imagine us together being happy made me feel elated
I was on another planet
maybe in another planet we would have been “meant to be” in a sense

sometimes I still wonder
what would have happened if I never noticed you sitting alone at a lunch table
what would have happened if I never dared my friend to sit with you
I wanted to tag along
for some reason then
I knew that all of this was going to blossom
although if none of that had happened
we would have stayed distant strangers
now you are in my pictures,
my mom knows who you are when I retell funny stories
you even pop up in my thoughts
I love-loved you
we didn’t have to hold hands, hug, or even hang out outside of school for me to have fallen in love with you
I loved you
and while I think I got over it,
I still have thoughts of what it would have been like if you loved me too

Either way I will always remember you
As the first person that I ever loved
This is a poem about a person that I loved. I believe that once you start loving someone you cannot really stop. You just start loving them in a different way. I had not realized that I had been in love until after when I saw them moving on. Please leave any comments! :)
Nie Feb 2019
its true
I text you when im bored
I call you when im bored
I ask to hang out with you when im bored
I miss you when im bored
I think about you when im bored

But i don't need to be bored to do all of this

I just wanna text you all the time
I just wanna call you all the time
I wanna ask you to hang out all the time
I miss you all the time
And thats the truth.
Tommy Randell Feb 2019
So, our goodbye
Could not be *******
It had to be with words

The human contradiction
To face a Reality
With an Absurd

When what we needed
Was tears and after ***
A begging not to go

We ended it all
With pleasantries
And saying we'd stay close

I paid the tab
And got your coat and
Caught your wave from the corner

Went back in
To drown my sorrows
In a private torture

I could tell you now
I forgot you quickly
But that would be a lie

I could tell you how
I left the City
Became a different guy

But life's not like that
And, Celia
After almost 50 years

The Poet in me trembles
Vividly remembers
And is tortured in arrears

Three separate wives
Many different lives
My heart has never moved

All I have lost
All it has cost
Celia, the permanence of you.
Mihle Mdashe Jan 2019
Hi, I'm Mihle. My favourite colour is blue and I love my peace and quiet. I'm not a picky eater but I like eggs, raisins and Mac & cheese. I suffer from insomnia but I'm working on that. I've got a big head and a really big heart. I'm an introvert; I like being alone, but when you're here I'm pretty sure I'll gladly share my space and thoughts.  I love being indoors, but I'd love to go out with you. I hate crowds but I'd go to a crowded place with you. Yes I like my peace and quiet, but I don't mind the noise if it's with you.  I'm more vulnerable than I'd like to admit. I spend most of my days in my head, making up scenarios about anything. I replay the past every so often, probably the cause of my anxiety. I hate feeling like disturbance to others ,but I like being thought of. I've had no luck with love, I always ended up hurt. So I'm just praying you're not like the rest of them, I pray that you'll be able to stay with me at my worst and at my best. I struggle with my self-esteem; some days I'm confident as **** but on other days I can't look at my self in the mirror. I've come across happiness but it never lasts. Sometimes I can't get out of bed but on other days I'm all about having fun. I'm complicated for no reason but maybe you'll take the decision to love me for me. I just want to feel close to you, you're who I dream of. I just want to co-exist with you, love you in different ways. I want you to know my love in different languages . I want to make romantic scenarios about us. Show me who you are, show me your demons cause believe it or not I'll fight them with you and vice versa. I'll reveal all my scars to you and still feel close to you. If we ever decide to be one, I need you to decide on me and not take a chance, but decide you'll love me for all I am because quite frankly I'm tired of always being an option. I'm tired of being left behind when the next best thing comes along! Let's decide to love one another. Let's stick around to learn one another, know every detail about our personas' cause you'll be the most beautiful human I've ever laid eyes on. As I said, I'm complicated for no reason but if you're willing to figure me out; go ahead. In the end you'll see I'm just like everyone else, trying to figure things out. Know that if you were next to me right now, I'd wrap my arms around your waist and attempt to melt into your figure. If you were here right now, I'd introduce you to the world I've been living in and invite you to be a part of it. I don't know where you are or when I will meet you, but I'm just hoping; when you see me,you'll feel me too.
Tommy Randell Jan 2019
When we were laughing criminals
On the run from normal every day,
Holding each other to ransom for ***
Not caring where Love might take us next,

We were the fugitive originals
Sleeping out in fields of hay,
Burning candles both ends of the wick
To make love long and make life quick,

To taste the freedom of living without principles
In winning the game our own sweet way,
Twin supernovae on fire in the night,
Incandescent with teenage life -

Can you hear us, still, being young and invincible
The forces of nature pumping in our veins?
Oh I wish we could go back there now,
For the Priceless look on people's faces again!
Been trying to nail this format/rhyme scheme for a while ... This is close.
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