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floW Dec 2019
what does it truly mean to "be lucky"

we determine how every aspect of our life plays out.
our successes and failures

whether that means bottomless sums of money or
life spent on the cement corner.

content and joyous or
a constant sense of numbness like your heart is filled with

visualize, motivate,
and it shall be.
*******, luck doesn't exist.
floW Dec 2019
They say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
The metaphorical epitome of health resting on a single fruit.
A single object.
A single piece.
A single phrase.
Everything relies on something simple.
Everything can be changed with something simple.

A life can be saved with a word.
A hand.
A smile.

But why is it that when we need, just this one apple, this one simple object to change everything, it is not there?

On the uplifting days we have a supply of apples readily available, yet on these days,
When the rays of sun are purely darkness, and we dance with the devil contained inside our head, these apples have vanished.

You reach out searching, you try to create your own, you force it. Nothing Works.

You can’t stay away from that doctor, you can’t stay away from that darkness.

You are engulfed, thinking maybe through the blindness you can still obtain the answer.
The Cure.
You’re Wrong.
You’re Trapped.
You Have Nothing To Stop It.

It’s just a simple fruit, but it is one that you can’t have.
floW Dec 2019
if; all that glitters is not gold,
how come my mind and brain
deceive me?

what differentiates between reality,
and fantasty?

what if because it glitters,
i wish for it to be gold?

who decides that gold is valuable,
and glitter belongs to the

Me? You? Society?


words are arbitrary,
each and everyone of us assigns our own meaning to
everything we encounter.

so why follow the definitions that others set?

two roads may diverge in a yellow wood,
but that doesn't mean you need to take
either path.

you were given two hands
to pave your own way.
floW Dec 2019
problems are everywhere,
pain is everything,
build a bridge
and take step by step

until you're over it.

throw yourself into a grocery cart
and push
push through it.

until you reach the other side.

trauma hurts,
but standing in the same spot
unaffected, letting knowledge pass you by
like cars on a freeway
causes more pain than trauma.

look to your left
your right

this bridge is made to fit more than one person,
you're not alone.
it's built to hold

you just have to recognize that
they're there.
floW Dec 2019
confidence is simply just an outbluf F
take a step back,
gain control. hijack. break life down into pieces like a haik U
it's just a game,
enter your brain. a well-trained psychi C
bend the rules,
quite easy to be a fool. life is a storyboo K
and you are the author.
floW Dec 2019
you were gone,
but you never really


floW Nov 2019
because no one else can see,
the pencil knows,
the paper will listen.
sometimes, there is no where else to go. that is why i ended up here, but there is no place i'd rather be.
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