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kp Jul 2015
when you left me
gin became my new lover
smooth and hot
intoxication of a new type

when i lick my lips
i no longer taste your mouth
instead my tongue burns of pine
and my body welcomes it with pleasure

the feeling of you has been replaced
with the overwhelming, untouchable feeling of a drunken stupor
kp Apr 2015
your words were like a dagger held to my fragile neck
I never bled so much until that night when you told me
you didn't want me anymore.
19 months down the drain, he wanted to get engaged this year
kp Mar 2015
you were so good at taking stupid words and turning them into gold,
golden phrases that made me smile because your stupid hand took those stupid words and made them into something beautiful,
there's a gift to found in those stupid hands of yours,
a gift that you only shared with me,
you drowned me in gold.
Idk he was a writer and I was a stupid girl who thought he was a stupid boy
kp Mar 2015
when I think about the story of you,
a small dimpled child growing up to be a poisoned soul,
i think about the days when your veins were not pumped with sadness and *pain
missing my cousin more than anything in the world
kp Mar 2015
I love you like a
broken down
college student
loves their fifth cup of coffee
at 3am
while slaving away
under the dim light of a lamp
in the
corner of a library
kp Mar 2015
every now and then
my mind wanders,
back to the moment where I saw our souls connect in the sliver of space between your chest and mine,
where your arms and hands wrapped gently around the curves of my body,
where you kissed me softly,
like I was something you loved,
something you didn't want to break,
kp Feb 2015
you were like a new taste
that I couldn't get enough of
all I wanted all day everyday was your


they said you can have too much of a good thing
but what do you call *too much of a bad thing?
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