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Ollie Dec 2020
Walking on a brisk fall morning,
I noticed the leaves had fallen.

The colors were beautiful,
What a time that nature decided to fall.

Looking out at the sea of leaves,
One tree stood before a tragic eve.
A storm that had blown all the precious leaves,
forced Mother Nature to grieve.

What could one do when all hope was lost.

Later on,
a warm fall evening,
I dare not say,
as I felt my mind was blown away.

I thought, why must the beautiful fall?
I looked up at the tree,
and saw one last leaf that still had yet to fall.
Ollie Nov 2020
That mist of cloud when its cold,
makes me feel alive again.

I feel 9.
Winter, waiting for my teacher to let me in the classroom.

I am 15.
Kissing the cold lips of my girlfriend as I put my jacket over her.

I am 19.
It's 3 am and I'm walking back from the library.

I am this old and I think about that cold cloud I exhale,
after taking a big breath.
Ollie Nov 2020
i cant rite.
eye saw no place to write.
words never felt the same.
they meant one thing
then another.
i wish my words were noticed like a poet.
Ollie Oct 2020
I finally felt your love,
But it was too cold.

So I took off my sweater,
and sat frozen with you.
Poem about self love
Ollie Oct 2020
My failure is my greatest success,
I build upon the failure,
And learn my success.

Don’t be a creator of my failure.
I will learn this failure.

Regret my success,
it will not contain you.

I appreciate the leverage,
don’t expect my regrets.

I will strive to always be above you.
I won’t stop for you.

Trust me when I say,
I will not stop.
Ollie Apr 2020
I like candles
I like flowers
I like poems
I like music
I like talking
I like beauty
Some may think I’m a girl,
But I’m not
I just know who I am.
Ollie Apr 2020
Loved lost,
Tracks in heart for once his cost,
Never left his side for all is once was lost.

Broken by the unbreakable,
The road was gone,
And the grass had turned to frost,
he told me I was lost
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