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Ollie Apr 28
I like candles
I like flowers
I like poems
I like music
I like talking
I like beauty
Some may think I’m a girl,
But I’m not
I just know who I am.
Ollie Apr 22
Loved lost,
Tracks in heart for once his cost,
Never left his side for all is once was lost.

Broken by the unbreakable,
The road was gone,
And the grass had turned to frost,
he told me I was lost
Ollie Apr 1
Secluded in icy breeze.
My breath was visible,
And body stiff.

It was hot outside.
So I threw my watch out the window.
And watched,
my time fly out my hands.
Ollie Apr 1
I squeezed my heart,

And realized that was the first time
I’ve ever felt like
I had my life in my hands.
Ollie Mar 3
Don’t hit the snooze.
Open your mind with your eyes,
Ask yourself,  “how do I live a day?”

Hear what you see,
Take a break and listen to your mind.

Get out of bed.

Look in the mirror,
See the success,
Smile on your way out!

“good morning?”
“how are you?”
“how is your day?”

Say, “I love you” to your family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, all who matters to you, before you can’t.

Invite people over,
Go out and do something,
Share something meaningful,
Shine bright.

Live life on the edge.
Any day can be worse, and any other can be the best.

When you finish your day,
Think back and ask, “was this a good day?”.
Ollie Feb 18
When the tides are low,
I find myself walking further out.

I feel hopeless,
nothing seems to make sense.

My guide has lost his map,
I feel stranded, blinded by every direction.

I could sit still all day thinking about what to do next,
but as I saw the tide quickly rise,
I didn't move.

My head damp with sorrow, and body numbing with pain, I let out a sigh.

The water brushed against my face,
and your hand pulled me up.

Gazing into your crystal brown eyes, you told me,
"I will never let you drown".
When I am at my all time low I feel hopeless and unable to be me, but there is always one person who catches you before you drown.
Ollie Feb 13
When I wake up the birds will chirp.
The sun will rise,
As will I, when opportunity shines.

The sky will be old and the ground cold.
People will grow and plants will smile.

The world will stop.
So that the universe can spin.

What a Life that be.
What a Life I'll be.

When I wake up I'll still be in bed
And wonder what a Life should be.
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