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Nylee Mar 19
Every thing has changed,
Nothing is the same.
I know more about not knowing
What will come next,
Just holding my breath.
Her manicured leaves and thirsty rainbow faces always deliver
but she envies the daisy in the sidewalk.
Personification all day long.

For me, putting on appearances has more to do with forced behavior than appearances, which is the real contrast between the characters here.
They're all doubled over in an aching belly laugh;
I can already smell the apple pie.
One of a bunch of two-liners I wrote for Poetry Class.
Nylee Dec 2019
Do what your head tells you to
Before it tells you not to.
Imanuel Baca Oct 2018
The deeper we dive to the depths of our pain, the further we soar the heights of our beauty.
Sometimes the hardest most complicated things to say are the simplest to put to words.
WiltingMoon Mar 2016
And the voices begin....

For my life to end...

— The End —