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Bleurose Nov 2020
And I'm sorry for loving you
Because I know it wasn't real love
And I know it was wrong.
But you make me spin.

I know you know quadrants
I could never be what you need
You gave me a taste and ripped it away and I'm done.
You weren't cruel, stated intentions. It was me who said "maybe " and "because" and it just, won't fly with you.

It wasn't real
It wasn't real.

All I need is your approval.
I fall at your feet and all you are is a boy, and that's scary for a boy.

I'd like to be your friend but it's only when I'm drunk I can be brave enough to give you recommendations and music.

You probably never think of me
You're only here for her
I get it
I know I'm not enough
I know I'm not good.

I'm grateful you even breathe in my direction.
I should be more grateful you expend oxygen to occasionally speak to me.
I'm not worth the time.
I'm not worth
I had this crush on a guy and freaked him out with just my...everything as well as the crush - because when it started I was with someone else as well so it was just a whole confusing hell. But he was mostly there for our beloved Tiny, and that's ok as well as understandable - it just stings a little sometimes.
Issues all round.
basil Mar 2020
you were my
but i was just your
and yet i still fell harder than a ******* grandfather clock.
basil Mar 2020
holding you
is like
embracing the

i am the only one
that gets burned
i'm attracted to a light that can't love me back
basil Feb 2020
i used to think our love was a sonnet
timeless, and completely without measure
twirling, intertwining words within it
containing phrases sparkling with treasure
i loved you like i could be a poet
i said all the words i knew how to say
to create a love you wouldn't forget
when our song came on, we'd get up and sway
like our love could be put to the music
i sang along and you stayed quiet
but your silence was almost intrinsic
my love for you, you needn't requite
yes, i thought our love was a sonnet
a poem that you would never forget

guess it's a haiku
lovely, ambiguous, but
already over
just a sonnet and a haiku about how i **** up love :)))
zebra Mar 2018
I'm a black dog
with a torn heart

are carved out of light
heavier then rocks

my bowels
a crumbling fortress

in my emptiness
make my blood run down dark gutters
to the city of your legs
pooling at your soft pink feet

i strain in prayer
for your love
a black dog in panic

i run seven miles a day
to **** you
my body lean and wire muscle wet
women look on dreaming
as i search for you in their faces

i run killing myself
till your dead
all curving sadness
and broken creel

a hallowed
crypt of desolation

a sword through me

stargazer May 2018
Your eyes set me on fire
But instead of putting me out,
You watched me burn

And now I am nothing but dust
The flames of the unrequited lovers burn bright and hot and everywhere
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