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zebra Mar 2018
I'm a black dog
with a torn heart

are carved out of light
heavier then rocks

my bowels
a crumbling fortress

in my emptiness
make my blood run down dark gutters
to the city of your legs
pooling at your soft pink feet

i strain in prayer
for your love
a black dog in panic

i run seven miles a day
to **** you
my body lean and wire muscle wet
women look on dreaming
as i search for you in their faces

i run killing myself
till your dead
all curving sadness
and broken creel

a hallowed
crypt of desolation

a sword through me

Your eyes set me on fire
But instead of putting me out,
You watched me burn

And now I am nothing but dust
The flames of the unrequited lovers burn bright and hot and everywhere
Our hearts are such fragile things
But they will not be swayed
They soar like a pair of wings
They won't be disobeyed

Our hearts break
When they crack, they don't go back
Our hearts ache
They won't give in, until they win

I've tried many times
To defy the wishes of my heart
I've paid the price of my crimes
The consequences are ****

No matter how many times I deny
It becomes no less true
My silence you need not buy
I have already given it to you

I can't even lie to myself
No matter how I try
To put my emotions on a shelf
To tell them goodbye

I cannot deny
The feelings inside
I try and try
But they will not hide
The heart is a steadfast thing. Take care of it, and don't deny it anything.
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