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Dornish Bastard Aug 2017
I'm doing alright,* I tell myself
It was a lie, now it's true
Yet I can still fall deep down
I can still feel this blue

It really does get better
How time has flown
Yet this inexplicable sadness
I have not outgrown

I am happy when I laugh
I am relieved when I cry
Yet these years have not depleted
This blue river behind my eyes
I know it *****. I just felt… full. And had to write. First time in a long time. Idk.
Dornish Bastard Sep 2016
Flower in full bloom
Her beauty cast on the dirt
Weighed down by raindrops
  Sep 2016 Dornish Bastard
I want to write love
But I only bleed pain
Dornish Bastard Sep 2016
In this endless loop
where I'm denied my escape.
Can't leave so I stay.
The problem is that
the ones I love want me here
much more than I do.

*******, here we go again.
Dornish Bastard Aug 2016
She stepped into sunlight
Hair a caramel river

She knew I was looking
She just knew

The moment she turned back
And smiled at me
Hit me in the chest like a brick

And just like that
I couldn't stop my smile

My heart wasn't mine
It was hers

Like my breath

But that's fine
Because in that moment
She was defining light

She was golden
And that moment was mine

Sometimes you just have to write a thing so bad you don't care about structure and well...
I've been wanting to write about this moment for a long time.
I'm glad it's out of my system.
Dornish Bastard Jun 2016
Tragedy seems unreal,
Like a foreign movie.
I'm only a spectator
Front row for reality.
I see the shooter, the victims.
A hundred hired to act.
Fake blood paints pavements.
The bullets are blanks.

*But the bullets pierce
And the blood is warm.
A hundred targets are found.
Few to recover from harm.
There won't be a 'cut!'
No take four or take five.
This is no movie.
A shot takes a life.
I don't know what to say.
Dornish Bastard Jun 2016
wake up to the sun
blink once and the stars are out
another day *gone
Time's escaping me.
I'm not living.
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