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You existed; lived simply to love me
At least that’s the way I thought
Until the ghost of you no longer see
Made bereft and left me overwrought

I thought I was all that mattered
Was your centre; your whole life
Your own hopes and dreams shattered
When you became my wife

You did your job. You kept me happy
Catered and bowed to all my needs
But me like a greedy puppy. Yappy
Selfishly caused your soul to bleed

The more you seemed to do and give
The more I grappled to take
The fact you had lost the will to live
My selfish brain no dent did make

I thought you were just bluffing
You couldn’t be so depressed
So lazily I carried on; did nothing
Broke you down in final test

They said they found your little car
Your licence cards, and keys
Angry engine humming. Doors ajar
At the docks down by the quays

Of you they said they found no trace
The currents there were stronger
You would wash up in some other place
They would find you. Just takes longer

Months have gone by but still no you
Has washed up. The police have said
The protocol. What they now must do
Is officially declare you dead!

She couldn’t handle it any more
Suicide; she took her own life
Her husband killed her to the core
Destroyed this doormat wife

So now I wallow in my guilt
Too little too late; now realising
The man she nurtured. Fed, and built
She killed herself despising

She has gone…….

In a cottage garden in Bordeaux
A lady sits smiling; quietly contented
Tragic suicide. Drowning. NO! All faux
Make escape her living hell tormented

She’s glad she saved that money
Stayed strong when life hit the buffers
Gorge on new life sweet as honey
While her hoggish husband suffers

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
Be careful how you treat her............ "Gone Girl"
Amanda Aug 2018
Have never felt such pain before
Never this kind of suffering
Used to love life but now I yearn
For the relief death would bring

Skin hurts in the absence of your touch
My heart breaks again each time I wake
I try and try to sidetrack myself
But nothing whisks away the endless ache

It is so much harder to breathe the air
Now Winter is almost gone
I choke on each breath I take
Filled with fear of you moving on

I no longer see the beauty
You introduced me to a long time ago
It has disappeared from everything
Except love we used to know
Its like the world was much prettier when I was around you
Martin Dufresne Apr 2018
We have abandoned our nature
Always inclined to want more
But the day she will have disappeared
We will realize that we killed
The Vault Sep 2017
And then it disappeared
All my things I had said
Disappeared out of his head
Like steam off of the blacktop
Never to be found again
Samantha Sep 2017
Why do you not care?
Care that your harsh words rip me to shreds
Care that your looks make me feel ashamed of who I am
Care that your silence makes my head scream with sad thoughts
And my heart shatter like glass at my feet
Care that your inability to acknowledge the ways you hurt me never want to speak again
Care that you don't have to tear me down anymore
Because I'm already whittled away into nothing
Pretty soon I'll be dead inside,
I'll be a mute
My thoughts and feelings will be heard no more
My silence deafening
I wonder,
Will you care then?
Julia Mae May 2017
the walls whisper loneliness
the bed begs for closeness
every night
you were here with me
every night
i kissed you sweetly
but slowly
you were disappearing
i kept trying to make myself known
that i was here still
but i can't make a ghost see me
unless they want to on their own
i close and lock the door
i whisper,
"please come home"
but we don't live here anymore
it's me, again
always finding myself at this familiar end
pangs of nostalgia and
your ghost
won't even haunt me
won't even say hello
allie May 2017
I'm still here.
Patiently waiting.
Tapping my foot.

I'm still here.
Where you left me.

I'm still here.
Wiping my tears.
You aren't coming back.

I think I'll go now.
Turn off into the snow.
Let it over take me.

I'm gone now.
The tree is bare.
The wind has stopped.

I'm long gone now.
The tree has budding leafs.
And I'm gone.

**Gone into the wind.
I've given up on someone. I just can't with his constant needs and the self pity that hands around him. I hope he understands and no longer is an ***.
Elle Bogue Feb 2017
There is no greater disappointment
Than looking up high
And finding no Moon
Lighting up the night sky.

I looked into your eyes many times before
Finding love, comfort, hate, passion,
But not this desolate goodbye,
Until there was no moon in the sky.

This emptiness spread into my heart,
Now hollow and inconsolably dark.
The only white pearl that can make it restart
Didn’t think twice to turn off or depart.

Yet hope is still here,
Shining as lonely stars;
For the moon to reappear
And heal all deep blue scars.

*By Elle Bogue
Ami Shae Jul 2016
Head is pounding,
heart is thumping,
my tears are flowing
and this of late,
is all I know:
Humanity seems to be
beyond control.
Humanity seems to have
lost its collective soul
and I honestly don't know
where I need to go...
Sometimes I think I might drown
in all the sadness
in all the pain
the torment and inhumanity
that seems to surround
me no matter where I travel to--
no place is safe anymore
nothing is sacred
or respected or revered
Humanity seems to have
truly and completely
noun; humanity:

1. all human beings collectively; the human race; humankind.
2. the quality or condition of being human; human nature.
3. the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence.

{I guess I'm just sad}  :(
We are all in agreement, it ends here.
The images in my head, I will remove myself from them
Every hope and dream I had with another faded.
To the back of the bar with her.
Together watching our kids go off to school, weird love.

The universe caressed my cheek.
Knowledge dipped into the night, telling me to follow it.
Home, where I no longer belong.
Nowhere among the fools.

I felt my head spin, it had been in a spin for a while.
My hand gripped tight around my manhood.
Chemicals took to the street in protest of my *******.
Nothing can bring me back now.

I saw her eyes, felt her breast.
Caressed her golden hair as it went down on my shaft.
Never did I think I was alone.
My dream bored me.

The scarcely interesting URL of xvideos, my usual site.
My head wasn't spinning, it was as if I was laying still.
Every ****** fantasy I erased myself.
There's no need to know who's in my place.

I came to a lowly ******* of a girl and a much older man.
The control he emitted, I felt my own need to control slip away.
Truly inconsequential, the human respect.
Was I a creature designed to breed?

I have a perfect face.
Eyes beyond the measure of heaven.
Proportions designed with the intent to charm.
I'm the man who can make the world bearable.

I have been dismantled, put back together.
I took suffering and pain beyond reasonable measure.
My feeling has been denied and cut down.
My humanity is still there.

I guess it ends here.
Well you're probably right reader.
This isn't my last poem.
It's the end of a genre.

I feel alright, I feel good.
My dream of being better, to sacrifice myself for intellect.
It's a bitter pill to swallow, to give up so much work.
To throw my humanity to the abyss.

I just wish. The chemicals could have been a bit stronger.
Probably the last one I'll post. No matter.
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