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Grace May 2020
I don’t write to get called good
I write to be understood
Do you understand?

I don’t write for petty praise
That would be a waste of my days
My poems are my own extended hand

I just want people to see
What it’s like to be me
And who I really am

Though my poems are called “good”
I am still misunderstood
When will somebody understand?
Grace Apr 2020
I said I’d love you as long as my hair was brown...

I dyed my hair today
Grace Apr 2020
That day quarantine started
We were supposed to meet

Instead it’s been a month
Since we’ve seen each other again

The question is...
Do you care?
The answer? Probably not.
Grace Apr 2020
I want life to go back to normal
But was normal life really that great?
I mean. Before quarantine I was crying into my pillow a lot. After quarantine I’m STILL crying into my pillow a lot. So I don’t see how one is better
Grace Apr 2020
My mind is like a Rubik’s cube

It’s all scrambled up

And only a few people can solve it
I am not one of them
Grace Mar 2020
I sit alone
In the dark
Because I’m SO lonely

And it all seems like a bad dream
Or like a story I read somewhere
Where everything turns out fine

But right here
In this moment
It’s all
When did it get this bad again?
Grace Mar 2020
My heart is hurting

But my brain says “don’t bug people”
So y’all get to hear about it instead
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