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Saint Audrey Apr 2019
So integral, this feeling
I can't make myself ignore it

The waves seep chill from off the wind
My thoughts, caught up in the current

I found the beauty in the lake
If only for a moment.

I ignored it for so long
But it's mine, just for a second

The calming wind over the lake
Caught in the skin of this horrid face

Scared and truly alone.

If I could only drift away...
NoahArkenswagg Nov 2018
If I was given a scroll and a feather pen to write about you, I'd need enough parchment to cover your street, so you could walk all over it while you walked away to the other one you love. I'd still find 999,999 reasons to love you and only one not to. I really hope he's not the one for you, I really would love to add that 'you love me too' to my list. Noah_arkenswagg
NoahArkenswagg Sep 2018
Stung by needles with golden hilts...and cut by shiny smiles. Memories, made from skin in the colour of scars, and then come the monster butterflies in my belly. Such is the feeling when the past comes back to haunt.Noah_arkenswagg
Io Sep 2018
To sit and watch
Lost in a forest of thoughts
Some memories chirp and sing, others creak in the chill wind
Drifting effortlessly across the moss covered ground, wandering aimlessly through the suffocating underbrush

Shadows race across the ground; before long molten gold melts into the tree of my memories
Mechanical waves drown the songs of my birds, distant shouts replace the wind through the leaves

It’s dark
Go home
ryan Jun 2018
Am I abandoned?
Or did I leave?
Am I the pariah?
What am I?
Saint Audrey Oct 2017
After only a moment or two
I could feel the sparks
A sentiment that we shared
But not a fire

Your name came up in the end
She thought me a lair
When I denied that I knew you
She knew otherwise

She read the look in my eyes
Told me she loved me
But didn't want to be friends
She needed more

Filled with regret
Feeling abandoned
She turned her eyes to the sky
Blowing a kiss as she ascended

Here you are, just in time
Saved my life, I owe you mine
You're my girl, and I could never find
A soul better than you

I used to pine after her
Thought she could be mine
Every ounce of love I spent
Crafting the fantasy

Still, you came after me
Told me you loved me
Your arms beckoning

Say you still love me

Here you are, you never left
I can find myself in your eyes
No matter how far, I leave you behind
You come up behind me

The best of me
Squandered here with you
Hiding away in shadows
Your lips are fine
As quicksilver, you feed me lines
One at a time

Thought I saw a glimpse of something more
A pretty picture
But I had long since swallowed my pride
And you've sewn my lips closed

You're never out of sight
Forever, you'll be mine
Speak my name, and I'll
Come running back
Every time
Saint Audrey Sep 2017
You don't focus on yourself enough
You got problems man
Deal with them

I can see plenty
I've got a good view from down here
Trust me on this, I can see the cliffs

The waves are empty
Who else could find me way down there?
And if I fell who would care?

This world is empty
This world is nothing if not scared
Of losing those with nothing left

My feet are swinging
In time with the beat above thin air
Just to remind myself, just how little I care

Imagination is a tool but not for long
Eventually the weak become the strong
And we pick it back up as the weapon it
Something more that what we said we want

The dreams become real as we march ahead
Time to justify when their dead again

They had to go...

The night is empty
But the music's all around my head
It's a good ways down, but **** it, I'm not scared

My feet are swinging
In time with the beat above thin air
Just to remind myself, just how little I care
Ashley Reem Jul 2016
I feel like I am suffocating
There is a small hole
A tunnel to my memory
A place that is not empty
Some place where my breath takes me
A tunnel with no air at the end
But things I remember
Things I always will see
Eyes shut with mouth
I don't breathe here
I just see
There is no more but black now
Nothing but fear and paranoia
Speechless and despondent
I can't breathe;
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
it's sadness that
drives me mad
the madness that
makes me sad
it's a sadness tears
can't explain
the sadness which as
a scar will also pain
it's one words can't
put into context
I just gotta live
under the pretext
of hope of the end
yet it's one
which never
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