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N Nov 2019
He spoke in silence
that’s where his fluency
flows out the most  

The lone wolf
longingly howled
at the blood moon,
his cries were
like loud sirens

His inner demons
howled for his blood
During nighttime when
he’s buried in the arms
of his beloved insomnia

He’s met with the alpha
and saw his own eyes
reflected in the other betas,
but his eye color
didn’t match with theirs

The abandoned wolf has met
with the alpha whom he shares
the same blood and eyes with,

but the wolf is a second choice in this poem,
he will never truly belong

The lone wolf
happens to be a girl,
but she never lived like one

You see,
she’s the main reason
why she has no pack
or a place to call home
Charlie Dog Oct 2018
Rain pummels against the pavement of my skull.
So loud is this silence, like static on my tv.
White noise floods the every corner of my brain.
I slide out of people's lives as quickly as I come into them.
should this be longer? An unfinished thought...
Nylee Sep 2018
little longer
a bit more stronger
and so much more
I hope for.
All the papers
I just tore
my dreams not
reaching their shore.
Well before,
so much better
heart sheltered
I, not deserted.
Everything I wore
all filtered
refined to core
Could go ahead with
all that
keep quiet
be that
watch and mimic
being sick
in head.
Vish Sep 2018
Her heart was cold as ice
Provoked by love’s demise
Reminded of a long lost advice
To keep her affection in disguise

Her mind was dark as night
Effected by hope’s dying light
Forlornly pondering over her plight
To feel deserted in a heavily populated world is truly a blight
still finding my place in the world
Umi Jul 2018
Eternally no word is spoken,
See it through your vision, this deserted shrine hidden within hellfire,
The dreams are fading into the slipping stream of time, vanishing,
In silence waiting seems to be alike an eternity, lonesome and sad,
If you believed you could try, all the same it's both the truth and a lie,
Silence, is what is called for in this abandoned, forgotten, rotten place
But if you were to spread your wings and were to fly,
Maybe then, you could reach high, rise from the fire and call through a voiceless barrier for help, but will the deaf understand you ?
This is, where all hope is lost to cause, where all words have come to pause, no message is delivered and prayers are sent by reticence,
So what makes you still look up to the burning sky the flames are controlling with pure rage and overwhelming fury beyond reason ?
Perhaps hope is something one can only lose last or frankly, never.
The feathers of your wings have burnt to dust and were scattered into the wind of the rampaging purgatory since a long gone past,
All you do is listening to your own voice in your head, over and over.
Bound to the ground, with no wings to fly.
Bound to silence, with no voice to cry.

~ Umi
ryn Jun 2018
The feet burns sore
from the scorch
of the sand.

Feeble breezes played
with the corners
of my tattered garb.

The sun, adamant,
in punishing
familiar travellers
from distant lands.

Lost in the dunes,
Like a ribbon caught
on a wire’s barb.
Iljano lepelblad Jun 2018
Laying down,
On this ground...
Why do i feel my heart burning,
Why do i feel my skin peeling of,
Why do i feel like my wings are comming off.

I rember you,
How hatefull i was of you,
Why are you back..
I cant **** you..
I cant stand next to you..
Just the hate and heat that you let off,
Make me someone else,
Id rathter not be anymore.

No matter how much i try its never enough..
Always comming back when i am weak,
And now you are here,


I need my heart to heal,
I need my head to be calm,
I need my pulse to drop,
I need this all to stay sain.

I am again confronted with you,


As much as you are appart of me,
Your not welcome,
You make my life harder,
You make me less of me,
You are a heathen that just,
Takes me appart,
Makes me an empty shell.


Still burning,
Still hurting,
Still breathing heat...

Only question?

Who understads the pain,
The loneliness,
The sence of being undone.

I am forever confronted with this fire inside.
Burning from the inside out,
Till there is nothing left.

I can only say, if you understand this pain.
Then you know why i wrote this.
Dustin Dean Apr 2018
Seemed like we stood a chance
But then you turned to stone

Your hand still extended out
And when it began to crumble
I couldn't look away
justine grace Apr 2018
instead of seeing the sunshine
i saw the darkness
instead of feeling the warmth
i felt the coldness
you taught me everything possible
but still deserted me in my worst
i wish you the best
the only words i hope to hear
traces of being Apr 2018
I often wonder how you’re doing
     but I wish I didn't care
Even though you never told me you were leaving
     with a mouthful of words left unsaid
Still circling back to touch the growing space
     between ―  twice you broke my heart

I felt you slip away in autumn gold
     fading like the morning dew
Love can drift away like a molted feather;
wonted flotsam swept afar on stormy seas
Some things are better left unspoken,
     when silence speaks twice
            louder than words

But love lies with a whisper; tears of sombre sorrow
     won’t wash away the distance in your eyes
These are the days of a rising tide's breach
  when, I could walk deep into the ocean
     with no one else but memories
                to leave behind

                   April 2018
... love lies with a whisper
        in abject silence,

        life's too short
        to drink bad wine

        change never asks
        for permission

        time takes time

        and by the way,
        I forgive you ...
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