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Dustin Dean Jun 6
In an ironic fate
My nightmares awake
Unlikely they would
In a world so fake

Why come crawling back
If I can’t have you again?
Is it the thrill that excites you
Of getting me off
Just to get me down?

So go far
Beyond this world
It’s too much trouble
For me to keep captive
A burning love
That scorches me
Inside and out
Dustin Dean Mar 13
Dead, I sit in the midst of dread
Dreary, amongst a precocious star
Oh, look at how it flies by
Light years from where I start

As stagnant desires dance in limbo
Enslaved to a vicarious libido
I’ve done this rain dance before
Deduced to a pointless chore

It’s true I may never know
How to crawl out of the row
A legacy of confusion
I’ve inherited from my fight
And if time is a mere illusion
Then there is no end in sight
Dustin Dean Mar 12
A palette of every hue, tells a tale
Visions of terrestrial views, we shall fail
As a community, burdened by lust
For green, in paper, until dust

Vehicles in bloom, make the distance
No question to intentions, incentives
For a reality, structured in somethings
A mere reflection, for greater summits

In days such as this, in my mind
Shrouded in willow green, I find
Must I question, a beckoning call
Before the season’s quilt, shall fall

I am blinded, in peripheral vision
To carry on, toward no provision
For anyone, or anything in my way
Until the white light graces me
In my wake
Dustin Dean Feb 13
Thy midnight blue sky
Of mine
She beckons me
With gleaming stars
And dreams afar

I reach for the tune
That suits me best
As choirs of angels
Watch Heaven at her crest

She gently brings me down
To Mother's slumber
Her caressing is nigh
As I relieve my sigh
To enriched thoughts
Beyond the medium
Of which we are wrought
Dustin Dean Feb 11
I can feel you in me
Ravaging my mind
Or so you think

I've lived this a million times over
Yet I can't seem to find a better way
To acquire leisure and pleasure

All I can say is
When this is all said and done
I'll settle the score to my tune
For eons to come
Dustin Dean Feb 8
this sickle is eager
to find the sick
better finish that unlaid track
before it finishes you
front to back

dirt that lays beneath my feet
cold and callous underneath
as fertile as a boy without a home
tongue in tact

where's the wash i've wished
would shroud over houses
i've deserted in their wake
end dispatch
Dustin Dean Feb 8
Harmonious visions pry and ****
False promises never deliver a nod
Should I keep walking ahead?
Cause time and space sure won't say
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