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Arisa Mar 7
I bet that man,
he with his white cap,
smashed my box against the wall
as he so carelessly
my package on the doorstep.
A little aggravated at the state of my packages.
Ivan Brooks Sr Dec 2018
It's 3 am and no sign of her flight
I have waited for countless hours.
If my love doesn't come tonight,
I'll be stuck here with these flowers.

I sat and waited in anticipation
Of caressing my beautiful package.
I could feel the mounting frustration.
Tonight,no lips,satin and cleavage.

Every minute,every second I waited,
My heartbeat played a very new note.
Like when music and poetry debated,
I felt love and symphony to my core.

Hours went by,no sign of the flight.
I squinted,tilted and let out some air
There wasn't a lone female in sight.
At home ,I found a lady with long hair.

Nothing to say,.....up to y'all.
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Feast your eyes upon all the

trapped in the grills of fat and
                                                           ­         trucks

so far away from the idyllic blades of
                                                                ­ green
                                                                ­        and
                                                                ­           sun

crossing ***-hole asphalted rivers where
                                                                ­        speed
                                                                ­            amuck

We all get hurt crossing seemingly
                                                        ­           streets

and end up in some wolf-dressed-as-sheep
                                                                ­    machine's
                                                                ­               sharp
                                                                ­                     teeth

are we different from the insects

If only you could wiggle your body more to the side
but the alligator never slows and the wind is a bonafide
At least I can see whats ahead, might as well enjoy the ride.
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
What you give, you will receive.
You give hatred to another, hatred would come back.
You give love, love would be given back to you.
It works in such mysterious ways, this system.
You give hatred to God, you still get love back...
I love that...
eventually though, it would not end well if you just keep hating on God.
Nope. It will not end well.....not well at all...
SQUID Aug 2017
Art is just a way for
some - to organise
our thoughts and to
deliver them.
Janelle Tanguin Dec 2016
I am one
learning how to
carefully seal
myself shut;

still working on
the art of hiding
in less obvious spaces
that won't give me away,

folding myself
onto myself
like messy origami
forming no figure,

my pale skin
being tinted by sunlight,
my hollow cheeks
being surrounded by sunny faces

that have no idea
how much all I want
is for the rays to
melt these glaciers.

I tie my hair
with bright red ribbons
like I am a present
with no future, no past.

Might want to unwrap me
only to find a box

I do not hold

for you.

I cannot even hold

*for me.
wraiths Aug 2015
i need to tear you out of my skin
i'll scratch untul i bleed the words that graced your tongue

i've never wanted anything more than i want you right now
and even if i were screaming in a room full of water, drowning
i'd ask for oxygen in the form of your breath

sure, i want to live
but you're the strings that have gotta be attached
Daina May 2015
Who knew selfishness Came in small packages and high prices?
Please handle with care we say
Please handle with care, Mr. Postman
I know you see that sticker all
day every day
But please handle with care
You don't understand our package is
We don't care about the rest
I know your numb Mr. Postman
But please
Handle with care
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