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Dreamt of old-age
Spending with friends
Near and dear ones
Gossiping and replicating memories
One day passing away peacefully
All alone with no regrets
This ****** Covid 19 entered our lives
  As a villain
Spoiling the dreams we dreamt
It separated us
Even before our deaths
Regrets and regrets
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2019
Winter can be fun too,
For me and you.
Goodbye  to heat waves,
And iced chilled drinks you crave.
Adieus to flies bugs and bees,
Hay fever, poison ivy and also allergies.
Appetites increase,
Cooking and baking never cease,
Not to forget mending and sewing,
And over a cup of hot tea gossiping.
Fire-places aglow,
Whilst landscape is carpeted with snow,
Children enjoy indoor games in the basement below.
Sled riding, ice skating,
tobagonning, and making snowman can be fun,
With the promise of a glowing sun.
In the mornings dad's car can be stubborn,
But a little wooing and engine warm up it can be won.
Winter too is happy time,
More time for poetry, with rhythm and rhyme.
her spirit
is there
today with
her dime
that fear
her face
like Nefertiti
but in
a garage
that fit
her sleeve
these peeves
roar her
suffrage but
shakes her
clams in
a menagerie
news scene
she swishes her gossiping*
like the reddest red

our confidences cannot be entrusted
to her
she has a propensity to broadcast
them clarion

she'll cajole you with
her amiable
then by not checking the tongue
all will

impart no details
keep them safe unto
as the idle talker
respects not even
I heard, he gets super social during the winter,
and then lives the single life during the summer.

I heard he's a social butterfly,
charming as a satyr

I heard he used to live in the white house

I heard he has the coordination of a God,
balance so awesome he could walk across mountains
climb trees

I heard he's a wicked hedonist.

I heard he can jump 5 feet high!

I heard he is brilliant, like rocket scientist brilliant
Like can con you out of your pants brilliant.


I heard he's super curious
like if he sees something new he
HAS to explore it.

Yeah, I heard he'll try anything twice.

I heard his sister has a beard

I heard she's super dominant

I heard he doesn't cry
I heard he doesn't even have tear ducts

I heard he can learn his own name, and come to it.

I wish I could party with a goat.
I mean, I'd party with a Goat.

— The End —