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Nadia 2d
I remember the sun kissing our
neon zinc-ed faces, heating tiny cubes
of red track until the rubber,
warm to the touch, clung to resting
palms and thighs.

I remember the smell of watermelon,
hot dogs and gatorade mingling with
the acrid smoke of the starter’s pistol
and the feral horde of butterflies
fighting in my stomach each time
the gun would blast.

I remember ghosts of friends from
back then sharing laughs as
we warmed up, muscles strong,
nerves tight, bravado bared to all.

I remember his folding chair,
right there at the end of every race,  
rain or shine, he showed up, coaxing
tired bones out of his favourite
recliner and into his giant, blue
oldsmobile, the interior littered
with cigarette holes and
werthers candies; he showed up
with pride, without fail.

I remember overhearing the boys
talk about the old man smoking
by the finish line, how gross it was
and why was he even there anyway,
and I remember shame taking root
and spreading: I knew the old man
was there for me.

I remember the day I stopped running
through the ribbon, straight to that
striped chair, to that time bowed man,
with his precisely combed white hair,
wearing ironed jeans, wrinkles
and a smile that could charm anyone.

I remember his funeral, not long after,
sitting in a room stained with
dust, tears and time arrested;
shame and sadness lodged heavy in
my throat as I wished for just one
more chance to say I love you.
I went to my first poetry workshop today. This came out of nowhere; I didn't even realize the baggage I've been hauling around for years.
Nadia 6d
You are being distracted with parties
and teams while the distribution of
power is not what it seems.
But let’s fight about teams;
wear their colours proudly, spout
their talking points,
unverified, loudly

Meanwhile, positions are bought
and positions are sold
- But don’t worry about that,
you don’t want to be told the details,
they’re complicated and boring.
Instead, check out the new player
everyone is adoring.
Isn't he cute,
isn't he smart?
Show support
with your wallet, not with your heart.

Unseen, decisions are made
preserving power and wealth,
ignoring bold new ideas and
community health - but really,
you should know, my team is better
than yours,
just look at them go:
look at them argue, look at them
- wait, don’t look at those
things going on in the shadows

Come on, join our team - I mean,
join the fans. We’re all in this
together, we’re all part of the plans

- as long you’re not different; but hey,
be one of us, don’t worry about them;
don’t think about incredible minds
discarded to maintain status quo
for corrupt family lines.

Our team has brand new merch!
Check it out at these ridiculous prices;
get your uniform, be part of our herd,
sync your values and devices, swear
allegiance to our team,
it’s more
than just words.

It's all fair game when it's parties
and teams.
You want us to win
and follow our dreams.They need
your support, they need you
to cheer,
and when we need
them, they’ll…. pretend not to hear...
Nadia 6d
My son absconded with
Half of the sandpit
In his sneakers
It happened to hide
Until it was safely inside
And, even then, it waited
To spread all over
Freshly scrubbed floors
(Sand is diabolical,
You should know)

I would happily
Return the mess
But at the time
It seemed best
To clean up
Before it progressed
(sand craves to
spread untidiness)

I can further attest
That this latest theft
Was unintentional
And this confession
Unnecessary but
Sometimes it feels good
To confess something
Less outrageous than
The darkest of truths

NCL August 2019
Nadia 7d
Splashing at the pool
Anyone nearby could sense
The spark of joy that blazed inside
The one they chose to hide
Behind loose layers
From head to feet

Even erased from view
She didn’t disappear
- Did they want her to?

Over and over she jumped in
Exulting with each splash and spray
Clearly the light that flared within
Could not be smothered by their fear
May she ever burn bright and
her joy ignite many more sparks
Boldly, brilliantly illuminating
A better tomorrow

NCL August 2019
Nadia Aug 13
A broken maze hides inside my mind;
Revelers rambling round never find
The end - lacking signposts or guides,
They tread eternities while the exit hides

From echoing clatter to blinding roar,
From gentle pitter-patter to take no more,
Crowds mill through in groups and pairs;
The walls vibrate, as do I downstairs

Food trucks ply their bountiful snacks
Feeding frenzy, launching scent attacks;
The noxious steam combines to rise,
Waft out, confound and desensitize

Enclosed in walls impossible to climb
Trapped all together in layered time
The revelers begin to sway and swerve
Blundering on networks of frayed nerve

With no path to success or even escape
The horde begins to push and scrape
The walls - tremble, creak, quiver, quake;
The maze, my mind, my universe - break

NCL August 2019
  Aug 13 Nadia
You think you can shatter
The glass ceiling
With only words
While standing safe
On your ivory soapbox.
But would you join
The frontlines?
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