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Although we both reside
on two separate poles of the Earth, yet
we both are made for each other

We are two souls of the same body,
but breath simultaneously, and
our hearts beat for each other

We are two banks of the same river,
neither can we kiss nor hug each other,
but we always pray for each other

We are like the moon and the sun,
who always wait for each other,
but never meet in the journey

We both want to get lost in the depth
of the blue ocean to inscribe our love
on the restless waves

We both want to fly together
to let our endless love bloom
in the silver clouds

We both want to ski on the icy cheeks
of an iceberg where the rose-pink rays
of the sun often land to rest
Two  lovers who are stranger to each other, but they live for each other
A true friend
is someone who brings
a fresh morning for the start of your day, and
invites the stunning sun
to brighten your path through its rays,
in the evening, he thanks the drowning sun
to become your protector
all day long, and
prays to the moon to croon lullaby for you,
when you get lost
in the utopia
to eradicate all the tiredness of the day
This poetry is all about a true friend who is always with you, in the sunlight and in the darkness.
Palm gets excited
when cool breeze tickles its cheeks
as a mark of love

Chime of golden leaves
greet the fresh rosy winter
in the green valley
Winter falls gently
cold waves dancing all around
flowers start blooming

Rosy feelings land
in the lap of crazy woods
to embrace dew drops
Lovely blooming buds
reminds a child of childhood
in the green canyon

God gifted childness
to zealous flora-fauna
with unique colours

When dawn opens its eyes
valley turns into play school
for buds and flowers
Nature falls in love with delightful season
winter falls gently beyond reason
dazzling beauty on snow peaks
bows to kiss pink cheeks
and shy palm
very calm
crazy cold wind seeks
his new love but never speaks
winter is life and fall is treason
nature falls in love with delightful season
Nature showers its dazzling smile with sunrise
orange beauty glows beyond surprise
red rose buds seem very sad
with all pains they had
but queer pine
very fine
so crazy and mad
happy like a prankish lad
when an angel lands from paradise
nature showers its dazzling smile with sunrise
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