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For days I have drawn fern - shaped lines in the absence of words. Criss - cross stalk and petals made me believe words were to attain from leafy cartoons. Ferns dipped in gloam green stains and titled 'Fern du Lac', dotted. I buried them in the back garden, below the brown - veined plum tree, for they neither proffessed nor proved anything. One would pass clay clear mornings, mist lit noons, afternoons of pink flush, moth buzzing nights and start again. I passed and paled in between, with one thought beating in mind: my dreams rest in fern, moss and lichen. What was its spring, soil and root? How did it own, mingle, obscure, confuse, diffuse and use me? It kept silence, and silence reinforced dreams and gave form. When in possession of form, I reached for meaning and wouldn't break.
Sage Mar 27
how much longer will I wait for butterflies bursting red at the wings, fiery orange curling their tips into flames

today is long and heavy like the space before a goodbye
i watch a moss-backed turtle float on clouds above the water and I think of you,
of coiled garter snakes and soft pink sunsets, of warm lentil soup and white zinfadel and fern forests and I know,
I would not be enough for you

settled in the space between sun and moon I am two parts water, one part fire,
I am boiling hot springs set on a river deep, bubbling and breaking and gasping for air,
I am summer thunderstorm, hot rain and violent life and love without control,
I am ocean fissure, the space between, red hot lava shifting slowly like a lover beneath the sheets
I am self-contradiction, all crab-shell and shape-shifter and the answerer of my own questions,
I am crystal cave heart and loose leaf mind, waterfall eyes and moonshine smile, you cannot tame me but you cannot let me go
Alice Wilde Sep 2019
Ferns for my soul
Echinaceas for my childhood
Is what I told my mother when
She cried looking at my arm
That I had so thoughtfully inked
Botanical permanence.
J Oct 2018
I miss
The parts of you
That made me, me
But i am Whole,
I am an entirety
zb May 2018
music soft like honey
notes drops of nectar on the skin of your wrist
the bass is your heartbeat
and the warmth of my hands on your cheeks

could we stay here forever?
you and me and the ferns
sunlight drifting in
you and me and our greenhouse
this moment is a thousand years
or, i wish it was

i can see us in my mind
dancing to music
that's been stuck in my head
for years
you are my daydreams
and i am the whispers
exchanged between us,
two souls in a glass house

my fingers find yours
you fill the negative space of my body
i reach up to touch your face
you smile gently, and i feel it

the melody of our song is
the rush of blood in my veins
when i hold your hand
you press my hands to your chest
and i feel the bass of your heart
Vexren4000 May 2017
The bracken stretches,
Its many arms out onto the land,
Puffing up and attempting,
To outgrow his brothers,
Vying for the sweet light,
That only the strongest may indulge in,
The succulent nutrients of sunlight,
So that they may survive,
For yet one more day,
To hopefully,
Drop seeds,
To compete all over again.


Extremely enjoyed picking up forest strawberries

among quiet zephyrs.

Imagined     by     Impeccable Space~Poetic Love
Kindest                      Memory

— The End —