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oui Apr 2018
demons demons
paint my nails!
bite it off
when all else fails!

slipped into hell + ran away home
whats under your bed when you're all alone?

***** socks and
soured thoughts ~
had a garden
(let it rot)

prayed to God my man would wake
her soul and Gucci bag to take

surfing in my Prada's
running in my Louis's
Giving second chances
Like ya never even knew me

Tigers in the living room,
go on ask whats up!
clawing up my velvet couch
Kiss and patch it up!

melt my brain n lick it up
I write about him daily
chew it up and spit it out
been thinking bout you lately
oui Jan 2018
I have cried more times this January than I did in 2017 collectively
oui Dec 2017
My head feels like it’s holding a $100,00 vase that weighs 100 pounds with my slippery butter fingers and I haven’t been to the gym in weeks and my arms are getting tired
oui Apr 2017
And if Were being honest I could build an empire from all the red flags you've tossed my way. I always catch them and tuck them away - Hand dye them and stitch them new names, new patterns, they're anything but wrong.

You never felt wrong
oui Mar 2017
blood clot
blaming things on "society"
lima bean

I could throw up
oui Feb 2017
everyone deserves forgiveness - but I thank every star in the sky you slammed the door shut on my fingers

( they told me she was toxic )

and I wrapped them up but I still would have let you back in,
played any song you liked honestly.

( and you didn't deserve that kind of generosity )

she moved to that island she always talked about and sent me a letter this morning that I didn't have the courage to read. If she asked me to knit her one more **** sweater for the windy nights I thought I'd *****.

( freeze )
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