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Wolf Dec 2018
I have climbed the cliff
To gain a chance for praise
Alas, the times I know too well
Are ones where I have fallen
The air itself had parted beneath me
Now to the cold, unwelcoming ground
My body is left to lay

But something sparked in my writhing mind
"Take the leap once more"
Brushing off the fear and dust
My ascent began anew

Before a word was uttered
The ground was far beneath my feet
Left behind with those worthless doubts
Today, I took flight

And when the wind was no longer
Beneath my frail, young wings
Smiling faces met my eyes
Warmed my heart
And caught me
Take a leap of faith, speak out and change the world. The chance to fly in joy is worth the risk of failure, for failure does not last forever. Today I talked to people, shared my thoughts, and for once I was not humiliated for it. I wish it was always this way.
Diána Bósa Jun 2018

Don't mind the fall of ascending
for its gravity does the work for you.

A passageway to this wind tunnel is open now,
yet the recoil is still undone.

Leave the rest to the high-rise end,
and embrace your bound to the above.
Jean May 2018
And I take the leap:
        This is what flying feels like
One voice says to me
         This is what falling is
Another voice says

          And I sometimes
                                          which voice I should listen to
          Those are the days
                               I wonder
                                           what flying feels like

           I wonder
                      if I could feel the air in my face
                                                            ­             in my hair
                        spreading my lips into a smile
           Or if all I could feel was an impact
                                       A shattering of bones
                                              A skip of the heartbeat
                                                                ­              and then

           no more....

                                  Was it even worth jumping in the first place then?

If my life last only mere seconds
                                    why even consider it?

                                                               ­   But I think has something to do                              
                                                                ­                        with the difference
            ­                                and
                             ­                    barely
Baylee Sep 2015
You are the way
The truth
The light
None shall come
To the Father
Except through Me*.
Follow in His footsteps
And you shall see,
It's been in front of you
All along,
Leave all
And be with Me.
Leaving it all behind,
Leaping towards Him,
All to find You were just
Leading me on.
Cori MacNaughton Jun 2015
Leaping light
Flashing fire
One moment he is gone
But to return
Then with a splash
Delightful play
He dives
And disappears
And we are left alone
And longing

I wrote this poem in between phone calls when I was working in an insurance company in Pasadena, California, shortly before I moved to Florida.  It remains one of my favorites among my poems.
Obviously, for anyone who has done any boating, the subject is a dolphin; in this case, a Pacific Whitesided Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens), which was one of the most common - and beautiful - species common to California.  The dolphin in question was leaping between our boat and the setting sun.

This poem first appeared in a poetry anthology dedicated to California poets, and though unfortunately I do not recall the name, it appeared around 1983 or 1984.
Al Aug 2014
erupting in me
like they had been in a cage.
maybe they were,
but you released them.
now they're free and
they leap every time
they hear you,
every time they see you,
every time
you are near me.
sorry this one isn't too good. it was a quick write.

— The End —